A moment of Lola Zen

Wow, thank you all for the great comments about my adventures with Berners!  While I’m trying out a new recipe that involves steak, port, and dried cherries (if it works out I’ll post it after a taste test), I thought you might like a quick moment of zen with Lola.  Every Berner I’ve ever met does what’s called the Berner Bump which is probably a throwback to when they worked the dairy farms and needed to poke a few cows into the barn.  Although not technically a herding dog, some, like Lola do have some herding instincts.  When Moe the Terrorist Cat escaped the house Lola chased his fuzzy butt right back into the house.  In Lola’s case she uses the Berner Bump more for attention.  As you can see, it usually works.

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