The day my house turned into a convenience store

This is a special Happy Birthday to Tori, my daughter’s best childhood friend and part-time daughter to me.

If Tori wasn’t at our house, Niki would be at ours.  They started as young entrepreneurs with the typical neighborhood lemonade stand.  Not much business since we live on a quiet cul de sac with only 9 houses on the street, but the neighbors were very generous.  Not limiting themselves, they soon branched out to snacks, setting up shop in the early evening as neighbors were coming home from work.  Of course those snacks came out of my pantry and I never shared in the profits, but I figured it was good that they were ambitious.

Then came fall and the weather got a little chilly so I thought it was kind of cute when they set up a table inside my kitchen and expanded further with offering typical convenience store food like pasta, beans, cereal, bread…

Dinner that night was American chop suey so I grabbed a can of tomato sauce off their table only to get stopped by Tori.
“That will be $2.00 please.” (Tori was always polite)
I laughed.
“Excuse me, that will be $2.00 please.”
“What?!  But this is my tomato sauce, I already bought it!”
“But this is our store and you haven’t paid us.”
“Well excuse me but I think I’ve already paid for this and don’t you think that $2.00 is a little outrageous for a can of tomato sauce that happens to say $1.29?”
“Well, maybe, but we don’t have any change.”
“I’m sorry Tori, but if you want to eat tonight I’m taking my sauce back.”
“But we’re running a store and restaurant here and we need it for our customers.”
“What customers?”
“The ones who’ll be stopping once they see our sign.”
“What sign?”
“The one on your front door.”
After a little discussion, Tori went stomping out to the front door, took down the sign announcing the grand opening of our little restaurant and convenience store and said “outta business!”

Thankfully, they hadn’t put a lot into their promotional efforts and no one really noticed or understood the sign.  So, Happy Birthday Tori.  We all love you and you can still join us for dinner anytime – but I’m still NOT paying twice for my own groceries.

9 thoughts on “The day my house turned into a convenience store

    • With Lola around there wouldn’t be anything to sell. And to Lola, everything’s a dog treat, including the half of my pumpkin muffin that just disappeared off the desk while I put in a load of laundry. I’m pretty sure I had 1/2 left?


  1. This post made me laugh! My daughter is into all kinds of role playing these days so I can imagine that in the years to come, she will be doing this charging out too. My husband told me that maybe on Queen’s day on the 30th of April, we can sell some of her old stuff (that’s a Dutch tradition here) and at the same time, I can bake some muffins and cookies to sell too. I’m starting to warm up to the idea. 😉


    • I like that Dutch tradition & wish that my daughter would let me do that even now that she’s 25… alas, my attic is filled w/her things. Oh go ahead & let your daughter help bake some muffins & cookies – you’ll all have fun. A word of warning though if you have a dog. Our first Berner, Clancy used to help them at their snack stand & he got sent back into the house a number of times due to sampling the wares! One might even say that he trashed their snack stand.


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