Mozzarella Haddock

Whew, finally rested after being up half of Tuesday night with the thunderstorm. On a scale of 1-10 of thunderstorms this was no more than a “1” if that – few flashes of light, maybe a little rumble now and then.  I could easily have slept through the entire thing except for the 95 lbs. of panting, slobbering dog draped across my chest!

Do you know how much drool a Bernese Mountain Dog can produce when she’s in a panic?  And I think we’re going to be taking away the smoked pig ears for treats… maybe add a few breath mints in the bowl at night.

So yesterday was a day of rest but I’ve got a really good fish recipe for you today.  The market had fresh haddock but sole or any white fish I think would be good too.  You might also notice a trend of mozzarella cheese in my recipes, what can I say I love mozzarella!

MOZZARELLA HADDOCK With Tomato, Artichoke & Basil

–  Layer fresh tomato slices on top of fresh haddock fillets
(Skip fresh tomatoes -middle – if your husband thinks tomatoes
are poisonous)
–  Add chopped marinated artichoke hearts between tomato
(Skip artichoke hearts if your husband thinks they’re poisonous)
–  Top tomatoes with fresh mozzarella slices, then add fresh basil
–  Sprinkle top lightly with breadcrumbs & bake at 375° for about 30

Serve delicious Haddock w/mozzarella, tomatoes, artichokes & give your husband a piece of haddock with melted mozzarella!

12 thoughts on “Mozzarella Haddock

    • For the past few years it seems that we’ve had nothing BUT thunderstorms & most have been rock the house kind of storms. During one of them my neighbor took a direct lightening hit which blew the walls off because it traveled along those metal pieces they put under the wallboard and of course fried everything electronic in their house. I kind of like them myself (though not a direct hit), but when they start in the middle of the night unexpectedly & Lola starts hyperventilating it’s a very long night. During the last major storm, she tried to dig a hole into the mattress.


    • I keep thinking about trying one of those Thunder Jackets but I think by the time she senses the storm, she’s beyond calming. And Lola’s not as bad as our prior Berner who used to completely lose it. He must have sensed a storm coming one night & went through the underground fence, I think trying to outrun the storm. We had the entire neighborhood out looking for him, didn’t sleep all night & I called the police the next morning to see if anyone had turned him in to the doggie lock-up. I was pacing, asking “did anyone happen to find my …(looked out the window)… . ummm, dog who’s sitting on the front lawn right now? Thank you.” And what a mess he was! Little juniper berries that we had to hand pick out of his tail & butt.


      • I think you just have to ride out the storm with them…our husky, Tasha, was THE worst….she became totally possessed during any sort of storm.Luckliy, the demons seemed to leave her body once the storm passed!


    • This is your rainy season isn’t it? Lola thanks you, she’s been busy taste testing a new puppy cookie recipe for me (I need to try it on the other dogs in the neighborhood though since Lola will eat anything!)


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