13 thoughts on “Mud Season

    • A girl’s gotta be stylish right? I was thinking of you & Stella when we did the taste test this Sunday for the K-9 cookies (recipe soon to be posted) that I made for Lola. Since Lola will eat anything I thought it might be a good idea to get a panel of impartial judges before I posted the recipe. I’ll have to send you a batch of mini’s with Niki for Stella to try.


      • K-9 cookies! I love it! Since Lola loves only the finest foods, I know they must be amazing & I’m sure Stella with LOVE them! I will have to make them! Love your blog!! Its FABULOUS!


      • I so glad you’re enjoying the blog & love to hear from everyone. It’s been really great to get feedback from people and I’m always amazed at how it leads me to new sites all over the world. I’m in the process of editing the taste test from Sunday – with 4 friendly dogs it was a little hard to record without getting close-ups of lots of dog noses! Had to keep wiping the lens off 🙂


  1. Yummy sounds delicious, I will give it a try, Tobey loves his fish! Our dog, a lab, 10yrs and way to attention needy, howls like a coyote whenever there”s a storm or he hears a siren.


    • I hope you & Tobey like it. If you happen to like lobster, try the lobster risotto – now that one is really, really good.
      I love labs! I think if Lola did the yowling though, it would put John over the edge. You must love 4th of July as much as we do! Thunder, sirens, blasting, firecrackers… same difference to dogs.


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