“I’ll take a look at it…”

Well, last week was a rough one.  I had a hard time keeping my head up due to a little ear infection thing going on, then getting organized for Easter (had an awesome grazing brunch at Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel in Boston), and then Lola developed a major limp on Saturday – still waiting for Lyme test results to come back in.

But geez guys, everyone’s food blogs are all about grilling and you’re killing me!  I may have commented on a few of your blogs how much I’d love to try some of these ideas but alas, my grill has a major gas problem so I’m not going near it with a flame.

Screen bean character standing next to an explosion

A little background:  my father used to be able to build or fix anything.  Car doing something weird?  Bingo, he’d just put in a new alternator (or whatever) and you were on your way in an hour.  Need a bookcase for that wall over there?  Couple of days later you had a bookcase.  The only fail that I remember (and it turned out to not be a complete fail) was our old furnace.  That was back in the day when we had the old cranky coal burning monster down in the basement.  One morning we had no heat, not such a rare occurrence, so Dad went down to swear at it, bang on it with some tools, put the general whammy on it,  and then we heard BOOM!  Heat came up along with Dad with no eyebrows, completely black face except for 2 white circles around his eyes, and a sheepish grin, “all fixed”.  So although we got heat I’m not sure we can count that as a complete success.  Anyway, that’s what I grew up with and I just assumed all guys know how to fix things.  And then I married John…

Now John has many many wonderful qualities & is a very hard worker.  But, when it comes to fixing things he doesn’t have that guy gene thing going.  Being my father’s daughter I’m a little handy myself and have learned to replace screens, broken closet pole holders… mostly things that involve hammer and screwdriver.  But there are some things I know I don’t know.  These I turn over to my husband and ever helpful, John automatically says “I’ll take a look at it”.  Depending on what’s not working, it could be that day, could be a week, or in the case of the grill we’re now looking at about 3 weeks.  This is why half my house is duct taped together.  And he really does “take a look at it” but invariably comes back with “looks broken, I’ll call someone”.  So I reminded him that he was going to “take a look at” the grill.  He did and came back with “needs parts”.  Okay, I could probably go over to Lowe’s and get the parts if that would move things along so I asked “what parts?”  Since the answer to that was “grill parts” I’m guessing this project will soon move into the “I’ll call someone” category, probably go buy a new grill category. So in the meantime, stop tormenting me with great grill recipes.

And because of my experiences with a non-handyman I’ve already informed my daughter that any potential husband of hers will have to pass the Tool Test.  The first part will involve an on-site Lowe’s walk-thru where various tools will need to be identified by name & purpose. This will be followed by a  written exam with questions covering plumbing, basic electrical, basic carpentry, and a little car maintenance stuff.  The final will include a finished project of my choosing, but might include a simple deck replacement.  But no pressure of course….

12 thoughts on ““I’ll take a look at it…”

  1. You crack me up!!! What a great post! But on a serious note…I hope your grill gets fixed, sorry to hear about the ear infection and seriously sorry to hear about Lola. Could it be something like Hip Displaysia? I grew up with big dogs…not uber-tiny dogs with Big Billy Bad-Azz Syndrome like I have now. I hope they find the problem and can treat her soon! 😦


    • I’m thinking there’s going to be some grill shopping in the near future. As Judy just mentioned in her comments, sometimes getting the parts is almost impossible & we’ve had the grill for a while so maybe it’s time. Plus, now I’m not dumping on my husband but if he does happen to “fix it” I don’t think I want to be the one to fire it up if you know what I mean 🙂
      Lola could have some hip problems going on – the big guy Berner I had before Lola had severe displaysia and just couldn’t do stairs (except in thunderstorms). But the vet did call back first thing this morning & it’s a definite on the Lyme Disease. This area is very problematic – Lola’s already had it once, every dog & cat in the neighborhood has it plus one of the kids has also had it twice. I’m not sure why we need those suckers but they say it’s going to be a very bad year. So she’s now getting the full 30 day regiment of antibiotics plus pain pills & we’ll hopefully see some improvement soon. She’s one very droopy dawg right now.


  2. So funny, Diane. I hear it and I can just see it happening. Tell John if he wants succulent sirloin steaks, he’s just going to have to fix it or buy a new one. Sometimes, finding exact parts and buying new ones and hearing him moan and groan… you should get a new one. You can’t beat a Weber. Those grills are die hards. Our first one we had for over 15 years.. started up every year after sitting in the snow. We just got a new one two years ago.. never fails. Poor Lola. Gosh don’t know what’s worse.. Lyme or the hip issues. Hope your Easter brunch was great.. how were the lemon ricotta cookies?


    • The moaning & groaning part is what’s worse for me… and that’s just getting tools out & all lined up! You’re right about getting parts & half the time they cost more than getting a new grill.
      Lola woke me up from a sound sleep last night because she was bound & determined to make it up the stairs but got stuck half way up. Of course with her size it’s like trying to turn a trailer truck around so I had to lift her back end the rest of the way up where she settled down.
      As for those awful lemon ricotta cookies… well I just have to say you may need to supply me with some more so I can make a more informed decision (wink, wink). They were wonderful! That’s a real winner of a recipe – you should put it out on your website with a thumbs up recommendation from me.


  3. I feel your pain! Being a girl that grew up with a Dad that knew how to do EVERYTHING, it is amazing how many people don’t know how to do a DARN thing! Luckily, my Hubby is good at fixing most things (needless to say, so am I…thanks, Dad!)

    You might want to check out the Green Egg grill /smoker. We have 2 and LOVE LOVE LOVE them to all things outdoors for cooking. Last forever, and very versatile as well.

    Hope Lola is feeling better 🙂


    • I just never even thought to give my husband the tool test. But it is funny how if you’ve grown up with people who know how to fix things, you just assume everyone knows how to do this stuff.
      I haven’t heard about the Green Egg grill/smoker – thanks for the suggestion which I’m going to check out today. I’m thinking I’d feel a little more “secure” with a new grill.
      I just mentioned below that Lola does have Lyme (again) and unfortunately will have to do major antibiotic treatment for a month. Not a happy girl right now & it makes me so sad to see her this way.


  4. Hugs to you and Lola. Bailey is Lyme positive, but hasn’t had to go the antibiotic route yet. We check his levels every six months, though.

    My husband turned out to BE very handy, but he totally failed the initial “handyman” test (and had to call my dad), when he couldn’t find the water shut off in the very old house I had just bought. 🙂


    • Thank you & poor Lola surely does need those hugs! What a nasty disease Lyme is. This is Lola’s 2nd time around plus she’s had the Lyme vaccine so I guess that’s not a real solution. But at least I think as of today she seems a little bit perkier so hopefully the antibiotics are finally kicking in.
      As for handymen… I cannot even imagine what it would be like if we had bought an old house that needed rehab, although I always wanted to find an old re-do. Newer houses just don’t have that “solid” feel.


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