What’s in your freezer right now?

A certain dinner party has been on my mind after reading justafrugal’s blog regarding what’s in her freezer (just a word of advice, if we ever get to the point of The Hunger Games, head to Justa’s house).  Since I have ice cubes & ice cream in my freezer I was in awe at all the things in her freezers and the organization of it all.  One comment led to another after I mentioned that when we moved from our last house, we finally ditched a chicken that had been roosting in my freezer for 12 years.  Justa suggested maybe having it mounted with a stick up it’s butt but alas, that chickie’s long gone now.  I do have this guy though:

But then everyone jumped in with their comments about what they had in their freezers (the 20 yr. trophy fish waiting to be mounted might win the prize… maybe) and it reminded me of this dinner party we went to long ago.  There were about 12 people there & most had brought a little something along to share.  We had just finished a very spinach salad when a woman who was sitting near me decided to share a story with us.  I don’t know her well but do know that she’s very big on conservation (picture granny glasses, earth shoes, & granola bars, please no offense to anyone just trying to give you an visual).

She explained that she’d been out in her yard when she came upon a dead opossum.  Didn’t see any signs of damage so she wasn’t sure what killed it.  Seeing as how her nephew worked at some biology lab and I think worked on animal diseases, she explained that she grabbed the opossum & stuffed it in her freezer for him.


Oookay, that’s a conversation stopper.  I mean we live in a very rural area where a lot of wild animals have rabies.  When we had a dead skunk in our yard the guys from the town highway department came to pick it up in full haz-mat gear after telling me not to go near it.

And what do you say after that one?  I did ask her if she wasn’t worried that it was maybe “playing possum” but she told me “No, he was quite stiff as a board”.

One thing I  did notice after that… every time something was served everyone kind of looked at the dish & politely say “oh, this looks soooo good…who made this?”

And what about the nephew when he stops by and she says “oh sweetie I’ve got something for you in the freezer?”  And he’s thinking maybe she made him up some casseroles or something.

Now can I just ask you foodie’s out there – do any of you have a dead, maybe rabid possum in your freezer?  Let’s hear from everyone – what is the oldest, weirdest, craziest thing you have in your freezer or know of in someone else’s freezer?  We can maybe take a vote on the best but please, if you have or know someone with a dead body (human) in the freezer, please do not post it on my blog!  I don’t want to be involved, call 911.


16 thoughts on “What’s in your freezer right now?

  1. Well, Diane.. my freezer is pretty much up to date.. but my mom’s freezer.. forgedaboutit. I swear she has to have some old cow brains in there (no kidding, a delicacy in the middle eat) for when my dad was alive. Not to mention you couldn’t even get into her freezer right now. No place for even an egg to fit. But she knows what’s in there.. so she says.. “c’mon mom, please let me clean your freezer”.. In her Syrian/Englsh chopped accent.. “No touch anything, I know what in there”. Okay, backing off now.


  2. Ya know…I thought I could steer clear of this one. Now that the topic has come back up again I can’t help myself as I sit here cracking up laughing. I had a dead puppy in my freezer once. :O

    This is a true story…I was in the 7th grade and it happened to be the week we disected frogs for biology class. I thought this was one of the coolest things ever because I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I also had a job working for a breeder/handler of Cocker Spaniel show dogs. I used to bathe and groom them and would travel with the breeder around the state to all the Shows…even showed a few myself. That same week one of her dogs had a litter of pups and one was still born. I told her what I wanted to do and asked her if I could have it so she put it in HER freezer FIRST!! That Friday I swiped one of the disecting kits from biology class and brought it home, went to work over the weekend and brought my frozen puppy home and without telling anyone, stuck it in our freezer. (I am laughing so hard I have tears coming out my eyes and can barely type!) It was several days before I got to my own personal biology class. I came home from school one day and wanting to “dig in” right away I realized my puppy was frozen solid and I couldn’t properly filet it. So…I set out to “thaw” my dog. I got out a small pot, filled it with water, dropped in my puppy cube and turned up the heat. Then I went to my room where I set up my little operating table then promptly forgot about my puppy. Sometime later I heard my mother calling from another room…”Justa!! What smells? Are you cooking something? It smells awful!” At which time I literally *flew* to the kitchen to find my little buff pup just boiling away. I grabbed the pan and dumped it in the sink and ran cold water over it to cool it off. Once it was cool enough to handle I took it to my room. Scalpel in hand I got to operating. Then I realized that not only had I thawed the dog…I had actually COOKED the dog! The smell was too much to bear and cutting through the cooked flesh was a little more than I was prepared to handle so my science lesson was quickly abandoned and the evidence was disposed of. I don’t think I ever told my mother what I was “cooking” that day.

    I promise though…you won’t be seeing any mystery meat on my meal plans and there’s nothing in my freezer these days that hasn’t been properly processed by a butcher and certified by the USDA or other regulatory agency. 🙂


    • Oh.MY.God! No wait, let me get up off the floor & back in my chair…I don’t know if I can type, let me wipe the tears out of my eyes. No, it’s not working I can’t stop laughing. Justa you never, ever let me down. I don’t know what else is going to come in for replies but this has got to be the winner hands down. Wait, let me ask you – exactly where are your little ankle biters right now? You never told your mother? Okay I wouldn’t either. You are a gem!


      • I swear it’s the truth, LOLOL!! My ex-husband was a cartoonist and drew me a little picture of a (live) puppy sitting in a pot on the stove. I still have it somewhere. If I can find it I’ll scan it and send it to you. Our ankle biters are fine right now but I often threaten to stick a rotisserie up their butt and toss them on the grill when they misbehave. They have no idea how serious I am, LOLOL!!


      • Oh I absolutely do believe you because you just cannot make this stuff up. Real life is so much funnier than fiction. As for the ankle biters, find that cartoon & show it to them. I often threaten Moe the Terrorist Cat with pretty much the same thing. But just to be sure, scan us a picture of the ankle biters, live – with a copy of today’s newspaper showing us the date please.


    • Can we rule out vet? And I’m not sure who’d drop their dog off for grooming with you. I just got back from picking Lola up at the doggie spa & I’m going to have to tell her about how lucky she was to just get a bath.


  3. So Mr. Foodie just got home a little while ago. I told him about my Fridge post from last Friday and how the conversation evolved and as soon as I mentioned the lady with the dead opposum in her freezer he started cracking up. He said, “I know EXACTLY where this is going to end up!” He just sat here next to me and read your post, laughing the whole time. Fun stuff! 😀


    • I am glad to make Mr. Foodie smile. And on the way into Boston last night, I told my husband about the original comments & then got to the ummm, shall we call it “puppy in the pot incident”? Thought he was going to hit the jersey barrier on that one!


  4. Meant to post yesterday, but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder on my blog, Diane. 🙂 I hate to say it, but I don’t have anything weird in my freezer. I have homemade bread, various whole grain flours, chicken, ground round, frozen fruit, a few boxes of Thin Mints and the bowl to the ice cream maker.

    My dad on the other hand…at least in the past…

    He is a retired middle school science teacher. Students used to bring in dead animals they found, and if he didn’t have time to do anything with them that day in class, he would wrap them up and put them in the freezer in the teacher’s lounge. It got so no other teachers would do anything with that freezer, so he was in charge of cleaning it out. Usually it was snakes, lizards or bugs. Nothing as big as a possum!

    Sorry not to be more exciting. Nothing is going to top the puppy and the carrion possum!


    • Oh Sarah, this is priceless & I can only imagine the other teachers thinking twice before opening the freezer in the teacher’s lounge. I really start laughing all over again when I read & re-read Justa’s story. As I read it I kept saying…”noooo, oh wait, it gets better? noooo, she didn’t!” and her mother – that one goes down in the archives for sure. As I mentioned in another comment, there was no way I was going to post any recipe with the possum story though.


    • Thank you Christina & I’m so glad you got a kick out of it… as I mentioned life can be stranger than fiction & I just seem to run across people who have a ‘different’ outlook on life. I absolutely couldn’t post a recipe with that story though, that’s for sure.


  5. Hmmmmm, we have a snowball that the boys bagged during our only real snow this year (it was Halloween, so bizarre). We also have two cartons of untouched chocolate ice cream that I bought RIGHT before Scott went on his diet and stopped eating a massive bowl of ice cream every evening. Of course, I had just stocked up on it.

    We had a semi-frozen opossum in the garage one winter. My mom went out to the workbench to grab a big package of foam weather stripping, and, when she picked it up, she screamed. There was a young opossum curled up inside the coil of foam, asleep. Animal Control came and they pulled it out of the bag, waking it up. My sister and I thought that it was SO cute, until they held it out and it snarled and hissed at us.


    • Oh we had that same storm up here just before Halloween – still cleaning up the broken trees & mess from that one! You know what could be fun? The boys have the snowballs & maybe you could make Scott’s ice cream into snowballs (just say they’re dirty snow) and around July have a snowball fight. Of course you get to throw the ice cream ones. I’m so juvenile, I just love food fights…

      And yeah, opossum(s)? opossi? look adorable until you annoy them. Friend of mine somehow got one in his Christmas tree & brought it in the house. I guess the thing was nesting in there & hard to believe, but went through the entire tree on the car roof ride, setting the tree up… and he’s sitting there watching tv with the feeling that he was being watched. Shrug…creepy feeling…and then he saw the eyeballs staring out at him from the tree. I guess if you could tie it on to a branch you could pretend it was an ornament.


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