Marscapone Fruit Appetizers

After spending a wonderful girlie weekend with my daughter Niki – Boston on Saturday, then she came home on Sunday to make  smoothies – I was left with an excess of fresh fruit.  The reason for all the fruit was a trip to Wegman’s, which has finally opened in our area, to buy the ingredients for batches of these nutritional oatmeal/fruit smoothies that you store in Mason jars:

My taste test rates them as wicked good and a great way (check this out Anastasia, your kids will love these) to get some oatmeal, fruit & yogurt into your diet.  Niki made up about 8 Mason jars of smoothies, but there was plenty of fresh fruit left for me.

As for the appetizers, I love berries and have been thinking about these easy appetizer/snacks that Niki re-created after sampling a variation at Food Week in Boston.  

All you need is toasted French bread (or these tiny little toast squares).  I was ambitious yesterday and had baked a couple loaves of French bread just for this.  So easy, just toast up slices of bread, spread with Marscapone cheese, then put the fruit/berry of your choice on top.  In my case I also had a couple slivers of smoked salmon left over from my zucchini pancakes that I wasn’t about to waste.  Much as I love these with fruit, I have to say, the smoked salmon ended up being my favorite.  Experiment with different toppings – in the fall when peaches are ripe, try slivers of juicy peaches or brandy soaked pears.  Umm… last time I brandied the pears, I left them for a couple days – that would be too long.

10 thoughts on “Marscapone Fruit Appetizers

    • You cannot believe their cheese department & how helpful the people are – you can ask to taste test ANY of the cheese (even the truffle at $67/lb). Then somehow you have to try to make it past the bakery. Last trip for my daughter, my husband added: coconut cake, blueberry buckle & almond croissants.


    • Aw, aren’t you the nicest & we do have a lot of fun together. I’m hoping to get Niki to do some guest blogs. She’s much more adventurous in the kitchen than I am & since she’s in PR, is a great writer. Working full time though & part time as a Bruins Ice Girl kind of fills up her schedule but since the Bruins are out of it, maybe she’ll find a little extra time now.


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