Serious Mac & Cheese

I’ve been busy trying out recipes and since we’ve had nothing but gloomy, wet, chilly weather in the Boston area, the time was right to give Danny’s Mac & Cheese a test run.

I have to say I am not a mac & cheese lover and it’s never really been one of my comfort foods.  Kraft, with a few enhancements, is in my opinion better than all of these bleh “homemade” mac & cheese casseroles that everyone seems to want to stuff me with.  Really, I’ve tried plenty of other people’s creations and most are just noodles with some kind of unidentifiable cheese melted into it, usually dried out.

But I trust Danny and he’s creative enough to not just dump a bunch of cheese on top of macaroni so when I saw the pictures of his version of this dish I decided to go with it .  And he did not disappoint with this recipe, although I did make a couple of change ups.  Sorry I messed with your creation but I think you would approve.

I pretty much followed Danny’s recipe but left out the celery (I’m not sure why celery was even invented) and put in some minced chives instead.  Stayed with the carrots which I thought was a nice colorful idea.  But the biggest change – you might want to try this Danny – I substituted bacon for the ground beef.  Lots of bacon and I even poured some of the bacon grease into the water to boil the bowties I used.  Now we’re talking Mac & Cheese as something I would look forward to eating!  Kudos Danny and thank you.  John got his knuckles rapped when he tried to go back for 3rds.

19 thoughts on “Serious Mac & Cheese

  1. Diane, I’m so glad you made it your own and enjoyed it. Honestly, my recipe only ended up that way because that’s what I had in the fridge at the time. And you know me, I loooooove bacon 🙂


    • I am always in the mood for bacon. The hardest part of making it though was trying to step over & work around my bear/dog whose favorite things in the world are bacon & cheese. If she trips me enough times, lots of stuff falls on her head.


    • I think you need to jazz it up with something – like your worcestershire & Tabasco to give it some kind of kick. Maybe I just had too many mac & cheese’s served when I was in the hospital (and they think you’re going to recover with that stuff? Cripes, if anything it’ll make you run out without bothering to put your clothes on!)


    • Truly… we are talking about the food pyramid & I’d have to put the bacon on top. But tonight – I’m just starting Danny’s lobster Mac & Cheese. These recipes are driving poor Lola nuts. I’m skidding on dog drool just trying to grate the cheese.


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