Portabella’s marinated & stuffed

Ok, I’m just going to say it – I am sick and tired of this rain!  Don’t respond to that please, especially if you’re one of those people who just has to say something positive like “well, we didn’t get much snow, we need the rain”.  Really?  Well I have indoor plumbing and I shower inside my house so I’d have to say I should be okay if it stops for a few days.

Now if you happen to live in an area that isn’t being drenched, these marinated and stuffed Portabella mushrooms are terrific on the grill.  If you happen to be getting mildewed in Massachusetts, baking in the oven will do just fine.  The great thing about these jumbo mushrooms is that you can share them as an appetizer or pile them high with just about anything and call it a meal.  Fast to put together, you just need about an 1 or 2 to marinate them (I put it all in a plastic zip lock bag & rotate it every now & then).

1/4     Cup Olive Oil
4        Tablespoons soy sauce
1        Tablespoon balsamic vinegar
4        Cloves of garlic smashed

Be as creative as you want – last night I needed to use up the last of my extra thick maple bacon (we should be done with bacon recipes for a while).  After frying the bacon, I minced then sauted a little bit of onion and red bell pepper in the bacon grease.  Usually I put a layer of baby spinach first on top of the mushroom, then add the onion/pepper and bacon.  On top of that I piled a combination of Pecorino Romano and Parmesan cheeses – nice high piles because it will melt & ooze down all over that bacon. I didn’t have any mozzarella otherwise that would have been my first choice.  Then  sprinkle a little breadcrumb on top, with just a dash of oregano.  You can come up with millions of combinations of toppings depending on what’s in the fridge, how hungry you are, or how weird you want to be.  I baked at 350°  for about 15 minutes.  You know, I’m looking at this picture thinking I really should have done a little something with presentation – you can trust me though, it’s good.


13 thoughts on “Portabella’s marinated & stuffed

  1. We do need the rain but I totally agree with you that we need some sunshine as well. Portobello mushrooms are so meaty and make such a great vessel for stuffing.


  2. Hey Diane, I’m not gonna say it, but I am gonna say that here it’s too hot, and you can say oh right, rub it in… But when you sweat when you think and you cant put aircon (when i’s 35 degrees Celcius) because it’s a temporary appartement and long story, anyway, I wish I could give you half of my sun and shine it where you are my friend. It sucks when it rains too much, I know because I’m from Norway;-) so a warm and loving hug from sweaty Portugal whishing you sunshine! Can you feel the sun? The recipie sounds awsome! Anne


    • Thank you Anne & you know what? It worked – I got your sunshine all the way over here for 2 days in a row, including yesterday (Mother’s Day) which made it even more perfect. You always manage to send a little sunshine my way as I read your posts. Umm, unfortunately we’re back to 3 days of rain again, but I got my dose of vitamin D so should be able to hang on until the end of this week. I do know what you mean about the sweating heat though – wait til you hear me in August when we’ve got the muggies 🙂


  3. Love stuffed ‘shrooms…we will try this for sure. Last time, we stuffed with whole wheat coucous and chopped veggies, which came out fun. Have not tried the breadcrumb idea, so will so that, too. Rain Rain Go Away….!


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