A Super Mother’s Day

How perfect is it when the sun shines, the temp’s in the 80’s, and your  favorite daughter & husband take you to the best sushi restaurant around – Yama Zakura?  I just love this restaurant in Northboro, MA which is self described as a fusion of Thai and Japanese.  The owner welcomes suggestions from her customers and will honor you by naming the new creation after you.

We did a lot of sharing at dinner starting with the Gyoza – Japanese style pork fried dumplings.  After that came a melt in your mouth Tuna Crunch, the Philly – smoked salmon/cucumber/cream cheese/scallion, and their very best The Lobster Bomb – cucumber, avocado and panko roll topped with baked lobster in a sweet lemon mayo sauce, drizzled with Zakura sauce, panko, and tobiko.  Apparently we must have looked like we had room for more and it being Mother’s Day, our waitress brought a complimentary molten lava cake topped with ice cream and caramel sauce.

Not anticipating the molten lava cake, John and Niki had taken a trip over to our new Wegman’s pastry department and bought these for dessert!

And why wouldn’t I be smiling – on the left is a raspberry tart (awesome), on the right is not just any old chocolate mousse, but a chocolate mousse that is in an actual chocolate cup – yes, that cup is made from chocolate, even the little chocolate handle.  Tell me that isn’t a clever idea & if anyone has any suggestions for making those cups, please let me know because I think it would make the greatest idea for a “wow” dessert to bring to someone’s party.  I would imagine it’s done in two halves and then melted together at the seam but I’m not quite sure how you would do it.  It was very thin so I’m guessing breakage could be an issue.  In any case we may have been stuffed, but there’s always room for just a little bit more.

11 thoughts on “A Super Mother’s Day

      • Yes actually I have 😀
        I have heard of small bowls being turned over and coated with chocolate after being greased – once the chocolate sets, you can very carefully lift it off for choc bowls 🙂

        Choc Chip Uru


      • It must be something like the parmesan bowls only a little more delicate. I think I’m going to play around with that. What could go wrong? I break a chocolate cup, I eat it.


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