Time Flies – Joyce Chen Chicken Wings

My original plan was to par boil, then marinate some chicken wings in a delicious marinade from the Joyce Chen Cookbook, then grill them.  Got the wings boiling when I looked out the window and saw big black clouds moving in.  Decided to take Lola out for a short walk.  When I walked back in the house I looked over into the living room to see my current disaster in the making:

Decided to pull a few more staples from the 3,898,747,437 staples holding the fabric to the frame.  When Moe decided to test drive this for a scratching post I remembered that I’d meant to clip the little bugger’s claws.  Wrapped the cat in a towel and brought him upstairs, got him clipped when I noticed the book on the bedside table… read a couple chapters.  Alert readers will have noticed by now that I haven’t gotten back to the par boiling chicken wings.  Damn!  Not totally destroyed but the meat was definitely falling off the bones which meant, not a great idea to put them on the grill. The good news is that I didn’t set the alarm off and I could still dump all the pieces into a zip lock bag of this very easy marinade, let them sit for a few hours and toss all of it into the oven.  And the funny thing is John commented on how ‘tender’ the wings were!  “Yes, it takes a great chef to get it just right”.

Joyce Chen Chicken Wings:

1/3     Cup soy sauce mixed with 1/3 cup water
2        Tablespoons sugar
1        Tablespoon dry sherry
2        Slices ginger root or about 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1        Teaspoon of anise seed, ground it up a little in your hand

Mix all of the ingredients in a zip lock bag then add par boiled chicken wings for at least a few hours.  If you haven’t over par boiled them, they’re great on the grill.  If you forgot they were boiling away just toss in a pan with the marinade and bake at 350° for about 30 minutes.


7 thoughts on “Time Flies – Joyce Chen Chicken Wings

  1. Love it! I have done so many things like that. As my husband and I say often, “Timers are good things!” I once boiled a pot of water dry and melted it to my burner…not a pretty picture. Repeat after me, “Timers are good things!” Glad the chicken worked out and was tasty!


    • Oh no… now that had to have been a major mess. Did you have to replace the burner? Yes I get it.. timers are my friends. I was thinking of just carrying a pad of little sticky notes with me all the time but then the house would be wallpapered.


      • I was on the phone at the time, planning for a fundraising dinner at church, while cooking rice (the reason for the water, never got to the rice) and doing laundry. I smelled hot metal and dropped the phone to find the bottom of the pan red hot and when I pulled the pan off the burner, strings of molten metal came with it. I did actually think to put the pan upside down in the sink, which saved it from getting molten metal all over the sink, or fusing to it. We had to get a new burner element, and a new pan. And we invested in a couple of cheap timers. Of course, I hadn’t set a timer in the first place, because I was going to be right back. At least I didn’t start a fire!


      • Oh my god! Sarah, you really could have had a major fire on that one. But good thinking on your part with the pan & I’m surprised at how little the damage was. I would have thought much worse. How do we get so distracted anyway? I think for me I try to do too many things at once & I’m really making an effort to pay attention when I’ve got something that involves heat, fire, or running water. No wonder you got the timers.


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