Easy Chocolate Mousse

Other than simmering milk in a saucepan, you only need a blender to make these almost mousse, sort of pudding chocolate desserts.  You’ll need at least a couple of hours for them to set so it does take a little planning but it’s not much work at all.

Very Easy Chocolate Mousse

1 1/2    Cups milk
2          Cups chocolate chips (12 oz pkg)
2          Eggs
1/4      Cup sugar
Pinch of salt.

I used semi-sweet chocolate chips for this batch but I would also try white chocolate, dark, or they now have these Heath bar bits that are great.

Simmer milk in saucepan until bubbles form.  While that’s going on dump the rest of the ingredients in a blender & mix until creamy.  Pour the hot milk on top then blend on a lower speed for about 1 minute.  Pour into custard cups, or as you can see I used margarita glasses, wine glasses, and some glass ice cream cups.  I could say this is because I wanted to show you how pretty it can be in a variety of dishes but the truth is that by my age I don’t think I have 6 dishes that match (maybe the old jelly glasses that just won’t break but I don’t think The Little Mermaid is quite right for this).
 Top with whipped cream, shaved chocolate bits, fruit (raspberry is great) or if you’re ambitious make cute little chocolate leaves.  Refrigerate at least 2 hrs, longer is better.  You’ll get a great chocolate hit from these.

16 thoughts on “Easy Chocolate Mousse

  1. Oh my… if I made this, my husband would do all the housework for me. Well, maybe not that extreme. I know a chocoholic that will love this. I’m going to send her to your blog. Weeeeeee.


    • And I’m all set for when the pudding is gone & they can be used properly. Waaay back in the cabinet though I’ve still got that plastic Ariel the Mermaid glass, a plastic Humpty Dumpty cup, and 101 Dalmatians – do you think my 26 yr. old daughter will be wanting those some day?


      • Oh dear. I suppose this means I’ll also have to save the 2,437 beanie babies, American Girl dolls, and the rest of the stuff up in the attic. Do you know how much you can get in a walk-up attic? Yes… a lot.


  2. Yum! this looks perfect! And I love the mismatched glasses! I am a total klutz. We still talk about the set of 12 glasses we got for a wedding present (18 years ago). They were all broken in the first 6 months. We buy sturdy glasses now! 🙂


    • Sarah, it’s the only sensible thing to do. Last year I actually bought 6 sturdy looking glasses from Crate & Barrel – thick. Do you know that while my husband was drying them he was able to break one on day 2? This man goes at dish drying like he’s taking down a tree.


      • Are those the thick, big, six-sided glasses? Those are what we have used for the last 17 years! We have the short ones also. I dropped one once, from almost cabinet height – it didn’t break, but it made a dent in the Corian counter that is still there, years later. 🙂


      • Oh no I saw those but my daughter had bought us some that looked like that at a glass factory in Venice, Italy (believe me they are waaaay back in the cabinet). These are the ones w/the bubble-like indentions, but still very tough looking glasses – so how did he break that? Might have been a defect since I’ve bounced one of them off the dog’s head & it didn’t break. Dog didn’t appreciate it but that’s what you get for being underfoot!


    • I haven’t found any way to go wrong with chocolate – except as you’ve pointed out, too little. Now I’ve also read many articles about it’s health benefits so I should live a good long life.


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