Orange Chicken with White Wine and Mouse part 3

After John left for work yesterday morning Lola and I came downstairs and the house had that empty, super quiet feeling.  Then it hit me… the pantry door was open and the mouse traps were gone!    I ran into the pantry and flicked the baseboard calling “Jerry?!? You in there li’l buddy?”  It was like going to visit a friend in the hospital, walking into their room and finding the bed empty and the sheets pulled off.  Had to call John right away and it went like this:

“Where’s Jerry?”
“Who’s Jerry?”
“You know damn well who Jerry is – our mouse!  What happened?”
“I dumped him out behind the grass clippings.”
“OMG!  Is he… was he… you didn’t kill him did you?”
“No, he was in the trap and I dumped him out… just looked a little dazed is all.”
“Did he look happy?”
“Hard to tell, it’s a downpour, he just looked wet.”

So Jerry’s relocated (for now), Moe’s nervously pacing trying to figure out where his new best friend went, and Lola’s bummed because Moe’s food dish is back in the pantry, behind the barrier where she can’t slurp up his food.  But at least I can stand in the kitchen without wondering if some little critter’s going to be running over my feet.  And to finish up that wonderful meal from last week – the chicken!

Chicken in White Wine with Orange Zest

1      Orange
4-6  Chicken Breasts
4      Tablespoons butter
1      Red onion, small, minced
1/2   Cup sweet white wine, like a Riesling
Majoram, about a tablespoon

– Pound chicken breasts until about 1/2″ thick and season w/salt & pepper
– Finely grate about a tablespoon (or more) of orange zest then squeeze juice into small bowl.
– Melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium-high heat and saute chicken until golden.  Remove to separate plate, pour 1/2 of the orange juice over chicken and cover.
– In same pan, melt an additional 2 tablespoons of butter over medium heat.  Add minced onions until opaque but not brown.  Add the wine, marjoram, remaining orange juice, and zest.  Stir, scraping up browned bits until sauce is bubbling and slightly reduced – just a few minutes.
– Transfer chicken and any juices back to pan for a few minutes.  Serve with sauce spooned over chicken.

This is a really fast and easy dish with a lot of flavor.  You know I kinda miss Jerry.  I was thinking too… if Moe had actually caught Jerry, I wonder if he’d say he tasted just like chicken.

16 thoughts on “Orange Chicken with White Wine and Mouse part 3

  1. Mr. Foodie worked late tonight trying to tie up loose ends before he heads out next week. When he got home we were standing on the porch talking. He asked if you liked the Abominable Snowman link. I told him you had this third installment of the mouse adventure but I hadn’t read it yet. I wasn’t sure I could handle another laugh-fest like I had the other night (man that tickled my funny bone in a way that almost hurt me, LOL!). I’m glad Jerry is on a new adventure and am completely confident you will come up with another story or video that will cause me to almost bust a gut laughing. I need to get 911 on my speed dial while Mr. Foodie is away, just in case. ‘Cause I’m prepared like that, ya know? As for the chicken…Yum. Mouthwatering Yum. I’ve never cooked with Reisling before but I know it’s sweet and I know you watch my Fridge posts. Ever seen that bottle of Spanish Sherry in the bottom of the fridge door? It’s also sweet and has one purpose and one purpose only. Baked Chicken. So, yeah…when my bottle of Sherry runs dry I’m totally trying this. Pinning to my Pinterest account now! 🙂


    • Oh Justa that snowman just cracked me up cause it reminds me so much of Lola with her stuffed animals… I’ll hug ’em & sqeeze ’em and after I rip him face off, I’ll name ’em George. And do you by any chance remember that old nursery school song: Little Bunny FooFoo? Little Bunny FooFoo hopping through the forest picking up the field mice & BOPPIN’ ’em on the head. Now we think Jerry’s on a new adventure OUTSIDE, but John put this ugly thought inside my brain – “what if he’s not Jerry but Geraldine?” Awww John….


    • About 3:00am the other morning (dark, dark, dark) Moe was down in the foyer yeowling & doing the banga, banga, banga on the baseboard again. OMG! Please? So I’m not feeling totally convinced that Jerry liked the ‘great outdoors’ – I mean he did have an entire pantry in here. It could be that Moe’s just checking all of Jerry’s old hiding spots trying to find him … or…..


    • An entire pantry of all his favorite foods could very well be better than any old clover outside (or whatever he eats out there)… plus it’s been pouring rain. I wish I’d painted his tail green or something like that just in case another little buddy comes to visit. I’d like to be able to know how many in Jerry’s family.


  2. I think Jerry is only on vacation in a New Land, in your backyard, and if I was a bettin kinda gal, I’d lay odds you ain’t seen the last of that lil varmant….(I guess that’s how you spell “varmant”…I don’t know if there is a Google for old western movies or not!).


    • I have a feeling you’re money would be safe because John did say Jerry didn’t look too thrilled w/the downpour out there. Of course John wasn’t too happy either standing out there in the mud & wet grass in his work clothes.


  3. My husband usually knows that I don’t laugh out loud much when I’m on the computer. When he asked what I was laughing about…you won’t believe what is happening at Diane’s Kitchen.The recipes for your meal are great but the mouse stories have been so funny.


    • Ah Karen, one thing you’ve got to have with these 2 clowns in the house is a sense of humor. When I sent the photo to my husband at work of the mouse & Moe doing lunch, he accused me of Photoshopping the picture! You see I’ve always insisted that we have a cat because of their usefulness at mousing… and then along came Moe.


  4. Just joined the crowd and showed your Jerry “series” to Scott, who thoroughly enjoyed it! We then reminisced about the first mouse that we had in our last house. At the time, Scott was commuting two hours both ways for work, and would call me on the way home. When I told him that we had a mouse in the kitchen, he totally freaked out, and asked me where I was right then. When I said that I was upstairs, he was like, “You took your eyes OFF OF IT????” I’m in charge of all rodent and spider removal in our house. So nice to hear that Jerry was a catch and release. Forget painting his tail green, though, you need to get tiny radio tags for Jerry and his family. 😉


    • Now that’s too funny! I hope he wasn’t expecting you to catch it with your bare hands – they do bite. I put my foot down when John was going to do the snap trap w/Jerry. For 1 thing I thought he was kind of cute & another thing is, how do you do that without snapping your own cat (or more likely it would have been Lola). I think John was more outraged that Moe wasn’t doing his job especially since we’ve spent a ton of money on his little medical problem with blockages. Poor little guy – bad enough we removed parts to neuter him but then he started problems w/urinary blockages and finally had to do the perineal urethrostomy, ummm, yeah… they cut off his penis. Should have seen John’s face when I told him Moe needed that one done!


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