Mr. Farkel, ready when you are

If you’ve ready my prior post about my insane idea of ripping apart my sofa then battling the maze of traffic in Watertown Square, you know that I’ve had 20 yards of decorator fabric on order with my new best friends at Freddie Farkel.  They told me I should have the fabric in about 10 days and I just realized that it’s now day 26.  Maybe I should be ranting & raving, maybe I should call, but frankly my sciatic nerve’s been acting up and I felt like I sprained my butt, so I guess flipping over the sofa to reupholster wasn’t a priority.  But I was delighted to hear from Squirrel Circus that she had nominated me for the Cuddly Blogger Award for the adventures of Moe & Jerry.  Thank you Squirrel and I really hope everyone stops by to read your blogs – they’re terrific and I enjoy every one of them.

Before calling Freddie I figured I’d get my sewing machine and serger oiled, threaded, and ready for some of my sofa project.  Although I love Moe the Terrorist Cat dearly, his interest in sewing could make this a more challenging project than I’d anticipated.  My hugs go to Moe although some may say that it looks more like I’m grabbing him to toss him out of my sewing room…talk about a pain in the butt!

9 thoughts on “Mr. Farkel, ready when you are

  1. I cannot believe you haven’t gotten your fabric yet — but, you’re like me — moved on to other things (plus the nasty sciatica), until it’s back on your radar. Love, love everything about Moe — and you take such GREAT video clips. I’m jealous 🙂


    • Ah, Freddie pulled through yesterday. It must be a miracle because they said it “just” came in. My guess is it’s been sitting there in the back room. Now I’ve just got to set things up for the next stage of the project. I’m thinking of a make shift sewing table in the living room so I don’t have to run up & down the stairs for each little piece. As for Moe, he’s a piece of work isn’t he? He’d been abandoned on the side of a highway when he was just as big as my hand, full of fleas, full of piss & vinegar…well, still is I guess.


      • Oh poor Bailey but that’s why I just think they deserve to be cut a few breaks every now & then don’t you? Let’s face it, if the situation were reversed it seems like animals take in & care for all kinds of other animals even when not their own. Which is why it’s very dangerous for me to go to these shelters.


  2. Cats make such awesome sewing helpers! Especially when you have yards of fabric laid across your sewing table, your buzzing right along and they decide to take a nap smack dab in the middle of it! Or like when they want to catch up on current events by reading the newspaper…by jumping in your lap, climbing up the paper until you lay it flat on the table so it doesn’t tear and then, once again, they lay smack dab in the middle of it and expect you to use your x-ray vision and read right through them. Congrats on your new award and sorry about your butt! I know all too well about sciatic pain! Hope you feel better soon!


    • Yep, cats are pretty funny that way. It’s like they can’t imagine why you’d want to look at anything other than them. Moe’s a great reader too so picture bedtime reading with a cat sitting in the middle of my book and a dog getting jealous & sliding her head onto the book to push off the cat, slime the book & start a swatting fight. And that damn sciatic nerve – geez, can it decide to either calm down or act up? I really hate when you think it’s fine, then you bend the wrong way & ooops, maybe not.


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