Registry of Motor Vehicles & Chicken Fajita Marinade

How’s the Registry of Motor Vehicles where you live?  Does just the name strike terror in your heart?  Dread?   Maybe a sense of doom?

Years ago, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles was consistently ranked as the most time consuming, inefficient, and despised bureaucracy in Massachusetts hiring the most disgruntled employees the state could dig up.  Rumor has it that to qualify to work there, you had to demonstrate a total lack of customer skills, move slower than a dead snail, and be able to shoot laser glares through anyone who asked you a question.  It used to be that when we heard someone at work was going to the registry at lunch hour, we’d throw a going away party for them.  Chances are they’d never be back before retirement age.

Then with budget cuts and computers, a lot of offices got closed and new management moved in to bring us a “better, kinder, more gentle RMV”.  I have to admit you will sometimes get a smile from some employees, the process is streamlined, they’ve added benches so you can actually sit until they call your number, and a lot of transactions can be handled by mail or on-line.  However, there’s still some things that you just gotta show up in person for.  Obviously your driver’s test, new picture for your license, and picking up plates for your car.

The big problem is the locations of the remaining offices.  Not in the best of areas, like our closest – Worcester.  I don’t want to dump all over Worcester – it’s dumpy enough although there are some neighborhoods that are beautiful.  Downtown Worcester where the RMV is located just doesn’t happen to be one of them.  I was talking to my friend about having to go to the registry and asked if she’d been to it recently.  She said “No, but I used to work across the street”.  Really?  Were you armed?  “No but we used to keep a gun under the counter of the front desk”.  So that’s the neighborhood.

Since Niki bought a new/used car and we’re keeping her old one, she needed plates.  Before my brain kicked in I heard my mouth saying “I’ll go to the registry for you so you don’t have to take a day off from work”.  Did my mouth just say that?  So yeah, I volunteered for this and I did it after having the screw part of my dental implant planted.  I should have had them shoot a little extra Novocaine into my brain.

Just had a feeling it was going to be an experience when I walked in.  I guess they’re going green because the place looks like a 1950’s bus terminal and has one 60 watt bulb bedazzling us.  Well, I was sort of bedazzled and blinded by these major headlights… no, not a 1957 Chevy but a really large busted woman wearing a tank top.  Problem was the top of the tank was below water level.  Huh… do you think she knows that her ample bosom is on display?  Isn’t she feeling a draft?  Should someone tell her?  Nah…do not speak to anyone other than staff.  Then I had to dodge around this very angry guy who was finger stabbing another guy in the chest yelling “I don’t know why I gotta go through dis crap again!  Says right here on deese papers – False Arrest!!!!”

At least I had the foresight to marinate some chicken breasts that morning for Chicken Fajitas so all I had to do was grill the chicken.  I’ve used this marinade for a variety of dishes including swordfish.

Chicken Fajita Marinade

1/2     Cup olive oil
1/4     Cup red wine vinegar
1/3     Cup lime juice (lemon juice works fine too)
1/4     Cup finely chopped onion
2-3    Cloves garlic, minced
1       Teaspoon sugar
1       Teaspoon oregano
Salt & Pepper to taste
Mix all of the ingredients in a plastic zip lock bag & shake, then add chicken breasts and refrigerate for at least a few hours. Grill chicken, then cut into chunks to serve on warm flour tortillas with any variety of toppings.  I love sour cream, avacado, peppers, tomato, lettuce.

11 thoughts on “Registry of Motor Vehicles & Chicken Fajita Marinade

  1. Wow there seems to be so much drama surrounding something which should be the nice normal part of society 😛
    And yes Worcester sounds like a suburb I am actually not allowed to set foot into!

    Your chicken looks fantastic, on a happy note, and the ingredients for the marinade are wonderful!



    • There are some very nice parts of Worcester but the problem is, if you don’t know where you’re going you can end up in a very bad part of town. So no, I would not let you wander around there without an escort.
      And yes, I was glad to have had the chicken marinating because after getting a screw put into my gums then sitting at the registry I really wasn’t up for cooking.


  2. It is so nice to live in New Hampshire. I go to our town hall, pull up the chair in front of the town clerk who asks how my husband if feeling and oh, how about the orchard…will we have a good crop of apples this year. All the while she is working on the computer…gives me a total, I write a check, she hand me my paperwork and that is that. Good thing you thought ahead. I bet you fajitas were great.


    • Get out! I had no idea how civilized NH is. That’s the way things are here in little Berlin for the things you can handle at town hall, but the RMV…well once a bureaucracy has been created…
      Geez, Karen, the more I think about it why can’t we take care of that at town hall?


  3. I agree.. for the taxes we pay, they should come to our house to help us…. RMVs.. entertaining in a strange way, for sure. Now, try going to the court house in Worcester… and you must where a bullet vest. I was a witness in a robbery and had to testifiy and let me tell you… scary. Diane.. I could visualize your account of your visit. .. and see, we just do anything for our kids.


    • And I got a comment from Karen (above) who lives in NH and can do this at town hall. Now why can’t we do it there? Makes too much sense I guess. Oh yeah, the courts in Worcester are something aren’t they? I had to do jury duty & just walking in there felt like I was the criminal. People hanging out on those benches are worse than the RMV benches that’s for sure. Next time – Fitchburg – at least it’s a modern building & they have more than 1 lightbulb.


  4. Lordy Lordy Lordy It must be the same job description for each state in this nation…”cranky, irritable inhumane workers with overly poor attitude needed to berate customers and make them feel inferior and totallly frustrated as a tax payer.”…sounds SO familiar! LOL!


    • Amazing isn’t it? It’s not a tough job & got great benefits. I’ve noticed one improvement though. You can now get the forms you need on-line (if you know to look for them there). That way, when you get to the counter they don’t hand you the form, tell you to go fill it out & get back in line. That used to really make them happy – to have the forms at the counter. Or even better, before the ticket system they used to have a little sign in front of the clerk telling you which line you’re in. Problem of course was you never knew if you were in the right line until you got to the front & found out you were in the license line when you wanted to be in the registration line.


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