Oh Deer…

Looks like I’ve got another pet.  I was reading out on the back porch the other morning when I felt someone staring at me.  What shall we name this one?

After dinner, John took a walk up to our field and as he came around a row of tall shrubs, he came face to face with her.  He yelled “Whoa”.  She yelled “Whoa”.  Then they each ran off in different directions.

No recipe on this one – I don’t do venison.

14 thoughts on “Oh Deer…

  1. Could be & she is a big one. A while back she (I think it might have been the same one) came walking down the back hill to the yard. Lola was outside & never noticed a thing. I wasn’t sure what would happen if Lola did spot her so I started talking to her “you can’t come down here, you have to go back up that hill right now”. She didn’t seem afraid of me & just kinda wandered back up to the woods. And you’re right – better than those coyotes!


  2. Fantastic picture…when I first saw this post on my phone…it looked a bit like a “find the hidden picture” photo — MUCH easier to see on the laptop — beautiful. I definitely couldn’t eat her, now that you’ve met…BUT, I do love me some deer bologna…..just saying….


    • You should see the one of my fox – now that’s a touch one even on the computer. She’d make a lot of bologna though & you should see her boyfriend! John woke me up one morning when he was on the lawn, telling me there was a moose out there! Now he’s a city boy but still… deer antlers are a lot different than moose antlers.


      • Have you ever seen a moose? We used to spend time in Maine at my grandparents farm and believe me, once you’ve seen a moose up close & personal you will never mistake one for a deer. But, follow-up to my dear deer… when John went to let Lola out the back door this morning she was standing right there at the bottom of the porch steps. I think we’re going to have to come up with a name for her since it looks like she’s here to stay.


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