Egg Salad Sandwiches & Dogs

What a sad start to my day when John called me from work to say that he saw a dead dog on the side of the road just down the street.  He was on his way to work and stopped by the police station to tell them about it so they could have the terrible task of notifying the owners.  At first they said it was probably a coyote but John told them no, no, he didn’t think so because it had curly hair like a poodle.  So he was bummed out all day and I was bummed out all day thinking about the poor people who would be getting bad news.

Then he got home and told me it was still there!  You’ve got to be kidding me, how could they leave someone’s pet on the side of the road?  Well, funny thing… as it turns out, it was a log.  Yes, a dead log.  I guess coming at it from the other direction made it a little more clear.  Now listen, you people in town please let’s not pass this around okay? I’d like to think that if I have to call 911 that the police will take me seriously and show up.  And I can picture how the police blotter’s going to look for this week:
Man reports dead log on Lyman Rd.  Responding officer reports that log is still dead. 

I guess we can forgive John for this mistake since he ran over his glasses Sunday with the lawn mower.  Not the blade part, just the tires which made them a little bent not completely chewed up.  Of course he’s blaming the trees with the branches that are too low that knocked his glasses off.  I’m guessing he’s going to take revenge on the trees so I’ll have to remove some part from the chainsaw.

Now, getting back to egg salad sandwiches and dogs, this isn’t really a recipe but a lunch idea when you have next to nothing in the refrigerator.  It was too hot to mosey out to the market and I was down to bare bones for food.  Always have eggs & as luck would have it, also some bacon.  Rather than just a boring egg salad sandwich, I cooked up a pile of bacon, crumbled it, mixed it in with the eggs, and crammed it into a hot dog roll.

This is a picture of my SECOND egg salad with bacon sandwich because when I went to get my camera (just in case you can’t picture what an egg salad sandwich looks like), I came back to an empty plate.  Am I ever going to learn?  And talk about attitude!  I asked Lola “did you eat my sandwich?” and got this…

She couldn’t even look me in the eyes.  Did she eat the sandwich…geesh, did it have bacon in it?  Is she a food thief?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Guilty as charged!

15 thoughts on “Egg Salad Sandwiches & Dogs

    • I was so glad too. I can’t stand to see a hurt animal & I kept thinking about it all day wondering if it was someone I know.
      As for losing lunch, it’s not the first time & I really should know better. She can’t help herself especially if there’s bacon involved.


  1. The story of the “dead dog”.. I mean “dead log”. When I started to read the story, I kept thinking who’s dog could it be around the neighborhood. Thank god, it was a log. Now, you must know by now that you can’t leave food around and not have security to protect it from Lola. Big girly.


    • That’s exactly what I was doing too & of course I thought, maybe Colby because John said light brownish, curly hair. But I drove by there today & sure nuf I knew exactly what John saw & at a quick glance it did look like it could be an animal. Take a look yourself, it’s on the right side heading toward town on Lyman about 1/2 way between the fork & Linden St. Yeah, yeah, yeah I should know better & how many things have I lost to my good buddy? But seriously this was less than a minute – kitchen to the office & whoomp, you’d never know there was a sandwich there. Not a crumb, not an egg smear. But she wouldn’t even look at me – just did the eyebrow thing.


  2. Nom nom nom! Bacon makes everything better…looks delish. Use of hot dog bun makes me crave a lobster roll, though. Don’t happen to have one of those lying around do you?


    • John & I both agreed that bacon does make everything better. I forget what I made last week but it had bacon & then I had extra so put that on top of baked potatoes w/sour cream. And of course I always give Lola her 2 slices but that doesn’t stop her from grabbing any others that I leave hanging around. I just had a lobster roll too! Amazingly enough I couldn’t finish a boiled lobster & had the claws left over. Ok, it was a puny lobster roll, but I did not complain.


  3. What a guilty dog you have on your hands! At least she could have waited for the camera, and sat there and SMILED while you took the shot for your blog. But NO!

    So sad about the log….scary that it had “poodle hair” on it…must be some sort of mutant log invading the neighborhood to protect their fellow tree limbs from the Revenge of The Logs…just in case some trimming is done by your hubby as revenge for said glasses…ouch! Or maybe it was a log disguise….


    • I knew you’d have some great comments on that one. Trees seem to be after John lately. But really I couldn’t let it go & asked him after dinner if he was going to go take his log for a walk. I’m very tempted to go down the street & leave some flowers as sort of a memorial. Don’t you think it would be a nice touch? Especially if I do it at night before he goes to work in the morning.


    • I should have reported Lola! Although I did once call the police one morning after we lost our other Berner during a terrible thunder storm one night. Spirit would just go right through the fence & keep on running away. We looked all night, he still wasn’t back the next morning so I called the police to see if anyone had picked him up. Just as I told them “Hi, I’m calling to report….ummmm, that my dog is sitting on my front lawn. But thank you very much”. They just laughed & said glad it turned out all right – it’s that kind of town.


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