Accident Photo

I do have to give John a break on this one after driving by the scene of the dead log.  In all fairness I figured I should post this photo I took at the “scene” and let you all decide.

Seems like I should go leave some memorial flowers at the site.  Not that I’m letting John completely off the hook mind you – I asked him after dinner if he was going to take his log for a walk.

14 thoughts on “Accident Photo

    • As it turns out, John has an appointment on Monday & I talked him into waiting for them to try to straighten the frame out. I sat on mine one time & thought it would be easy to do… nope, completely broke those glasses.


    • Or a wolf, that works too. Unfortunately for John we went out to dinner w/my daughter the other night just after we’d had a downpour w/a lot of rain. Obviously he had to listen to every report all the way to the restaurant – “omg, look in the driveway it’s a dead cat! (bunch of leaves)”.


      • Good, keeps things fun huh? Do you think we went too far though when we made comments about his chicken under a brick? I mean, truly if that wasn’t a road kill vision what would be?


      • In family, all is fair game (get it? “game” hen?) I apparently behaved JUST like John last evening. We were driving home from dinner out, and everyone was laughing up a storm about this clump of leaves by the side of the road that kinda looked like a rabbit….only, before they started laughing, I could SWEAR I saw an actual live rabbit. Scott wouldn’t turn the car around to check!


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