Summer Spaghetti & the log that followed John home

It was a hot one today and I really didn’t feel like doing a lot of cooking.  But I was in the mood for some pasta.  As I  was cooking this very easy, very light spaghetti with summer squash dinner,  John came home and said “HaHa, I see you brought my log home”.

Ok, I added the leash so you could see how it might have gotten to my yard

It’s hot, maybe he’s hallucinating and seeing dead dog-logs everywhere now.  I didn’t drag any log home that’s for sure.  Then I cracked up because I figured out that Judy, a certain neighbor who lives across the street decided to play a little with John’s mind and bring his dead dog-log up 2 hills and down the street, setting it beside his garage door.  Yup, I know who did this.  Now you might wonder why anyone would do such a strange thing but let me give you a little history.  We’re all kinda weird in this little neighborhood.

Some years ago, this neighbor I’m talking about had just had some extensive landscaping done and all of her beautiful flowers were being chomped by a woodchuck.  They tried all kinds of deterrents like human hair, mothballs I think, and other things I’d better not mention.  Nothing worked so they got a Have-a-Heart trap and set that on the front lawn.  No luck, no luck… nothing in the trap until one night after they went out to dinner, someone waited until dark and crept over in her pajamas, grabbed one of their lawn sheep and stuffed it in the Have-a-Heart trap.  That person may have been waiting by her window when they came home and heard “OMG, Don we’ve got him, there’s something in the trap!  Oh no, it’s black and white…it’s a skunk!!!  No wait a minute, it’s my sheep!”  Two minutes later my phone rang “Diaaannne!  I know it was you!”  You know I swear I was just trying to help them stay positive and not give up hope.  

I feel so much better now that John’s log has a good home and we can keep an eye on him, maybe her.  And we both enjoyed a very nice dinner and laughs – thank you Judy (don’t deny it).

Spaghetti with Summer Squash

*  Cube summer squash
*  Mince about 3 cloves of garlic
*  Dice white onion, about 1/4 – 1/3 cup
*  Saute onions in mixture of 3 TBL olive oil & 3 TBL butter until
translucent, add squash until just cooked, then add garlic
*  Toss mixture over cooked pasta and top with shaved Pecorino
Romana or Parmesan cheese (or both) and chopped fresh basil.


10 thoughts on “Summer Spaghetti & the log that followed John home

    • We do have a great neighborhood. We all look out for each other, help whenever we can & have fun too. Sometimes I think it might be nice to move back into the city but then I don’t think you get the closeness of a small neighborhood in a small town.


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