Pecan Haddock with Remoulade Sauce

When I’m in the middle of a project, like the final round of the couch wrestling competition I’m engaged in, I hate to stop, especially to cook so I’m always hoping that The Magic Catering Service will ring the bell with a fantastic meal.  Believe it or not, it has happened a few times thanks to my daughter’s thoughtful birthday gift from Amazing Clubs.  Alas, no delivery this week, so I guess it’s up to me.

Now what to have with that grilled corn on the cob?  Well Squirrel Circus cooked up some very fine chicken legs and I’d go with that any day of the week.  Myself… I had some fresh haddock that I wanted to perk up a little but it was hot & muggy (I’m talking about my brain, not just the weather) so fast & easy it is:

Slap the fresh haddock into aluminum foil, dot with butter, sprinkle a very fine coating of Italian breadcrumbs on top, then use the handy dandy food chopper to crumble up some pecans., toss those on top, wrap that package up for 30 minutes on the grill  – done!  Oh wait, sure…sprinkle a little white wine on top, why not?  The pecans really added a nice flavor to the fish but the “yum” factor was the Remoulade Sauce (trust me, I can’t even say the name but it’s easy & done in 8 minutes):

1/3     Cup mayonaise
1        Chopped scallion or minced onions to taste
1        Tablespoon chopped parsley
1/2     Teaspoon fresh lemon
2        Tablespoons dry mustard
2        Teaspoons ketchup
1/2     Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
Dash  Tabasco (more if you like the zing)

Whisk it all together…done!  This gives you plenty for 2 people and is great for fish & super on crabcakes.


15 thoughts on “Pecan Haddock with Remoulade Sauce

  1. I am always ready for a new way to cook fish. And even better if it doesn’t involve heating up the kitchen during this firecracker of a summer. Thanks for posting!


      • Yes, I am in Missouri. It has been awful. I feel bad complaining, since we have AC, but it has curtailed a lot of outside activities. And the farmers are hit hard. The drought has been almost worse than the heat. We are about 10 inches behind for the year, with only one or two measly showers since early June. The southeastern part of the state, which is mostly agricultural, is even drier than we are in St. Louis. It has been so dry that our humidity has been more like Colorado humidity than the usual soup we have. The only upside is the heat index isn’t as bad as usual, but when it is 110, it is hot, no matter what! 🙂 Here’s hoping we have an early fall!


      • Over 100 is unbelievable! I’ve heard about the drought too & feel very bad for the farmers. I liked St. Louis a lot. When my daughter was figure skating competitively they had the first 2 State Games of America in St. Louis. I can tell you that first year’s opening ceremony was an Olympic worthy event! The athletes marched from downtown to the river, great entertainment & they dropped parachutists from a plane, who then drifted through the arch. The sports facilities are top notch too.


  2. Yum! I make that sauce for crab cakes, too. I add finely diced celery to it, too. You should hear Scott pronounce remoulade — he uses what can only be described as a Bram Stoker kind of voice. Thanks for the link back 🙂


    • Hopefully Scott only has the Bram Stoker accent. I so want to make crab cakes, never have & I need to get over to Wegman’s to get some decent crab. You have a good crab cake recipe?
      Hey, no problem on the link back! I’m like the person who hears a joke & 2 hours later gets it & goes “ooooh…”


  3. Is that said chopper that is the newest toy in the house??? Or some other new-fangled device?? Looks really tasty, and you need the protein from the WIne..I mean Fish…to win the Battle of the Sofa Olympics. Go for the Gold!


    • Oh I did use Niki’s chopper for the nuts & I did like it for that. I don’t know about you, but when I chop nuts they tend to fly everywhere & of course the dog is right underfoot trying to catch anything before it hits the floor. Frankly I couldn’t think of a reason to not add the wine to the fish – what could it hurt? I was hoping to go into final rounds this weekend on the sofa but omg, the humidity! Just that back panel left & the back pillows but those will be a cinch.


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