Fried Goat Cheese Spinach Salad

And by the way, John, my dear sweet husband, although I love you dearly and appreciate that you do the grocery shopping, I’m onto you!  You see I swung by Hannaford’s and what do you know?  Not only do they have brussel sprouts – they have piles of them.

A little background for my friends and readers.  Thankfully, for many years now, my husband has taken on the responsibility for grocery shopping.  With list in hand, he willingly puts his life on the line each week, dodging the stretch limo carts with the kiddie car on front, swerving the speed shopper who’s looking at the shelves instead of noticing that the bumper of her cart has just run over the back of his ankles, and gets our grub for the week just like many other husbands walking around with cell phones to their ears yelling “what?  what is that?  where?”  (grocery stores are notorious for poor reception.)

When my daughter was little, she loved shopping and he would take her along.  Of course taking a kid into a grocery store is asking for the final tally to hit amazing highs so he used the “Is it on the list?” tactic. Of course “it” wasn’t on the list, but bright girl that she is, Niki started bringing her own pencil along on trips so that she could truthfully answer “yes” when the question came up.  He finally caught on when he asked to see the list and noticed things like Kaptan Krunsh, patata chips, and candee in block letters.  At least when she went with him, she’d keep him honest about sticking to the list when it came to things like fresh fruit and vegetables.

Alas, now Niki’s grown and doing her own shopping so John has to figure out that a squash isn’t quite the same as a zucchini and that when he unloads ice cream, potato chips, and Cheez Its, he will be asked “was this on the list?”.  Vegetables?  I started out putting “vegetables for the week” on the list only to get 1 head of lettuce.  Some vegetables are in the “okay if I have to category” – mushrooms, asparagus, even broccoli but just try and put eggplant, zucchini, tomato, or heaven help us ! brussel sprouts and it seems that the grocery store was either “out of them” or “they didn’t look very good”.  But this week, those brussel sprouts were right on Hannaford’s front page as a special so I highly doubt that they “must not have put them out yet”.  I can’t tell you how many great vegetable recipes I’ve seen on your blogs that I’ve had to pass on because they’re “out of stock”.  Now, spinach falls in the sometimes category.  Cooked…unh unh.  Hide it fresh in a spinach salad with a luscious, sweet dressing, some fresh strawberries and fried goat cheese, well that was a winner.  Hope you’re adventurous and willing to try this terrific salad.

Fried Goat Cheese, Spinach Salad
Take fresh goat cheese, make into small patties, and lightly dust with bread crumbs.  Heat olive oil in pan until a drop of water bounces then fry the goat cheese until each side is lightly browned.  Drizzle a little honey on top after cooking.

Serve on a bed of baby spinach with fresh strawberries, drizzled with dressing (I use this dressing for spinach/strawberry salad w/toasted almondsalso):

1     Tablespoon balsamic vinegar (I use white balsamic)
1     Teaspoon Dijon mustard
1     Teaspoon honey
3     Tablespoons olive oil

Place the vinegar, mustard, and honey in small bowl, then slowly whisk olive oil in until incorporated.

10 thoughts on “Fried Goat Cheese Spinach Salad

  1. Diane.. first of all.. your story is so funny. I get it. Don hates brussel sprouts, but I’ve roasted them in oven hell and he can tolerate. Second, that picture is gorgeous with the contrast of colors. Third, we must come up with a plan for John to eat more vegetables. Maybe he should at least take a Flintstone chewy everyday.


    • One of Niki’s best traits is that she absolutely cannot lie. I think from the time she was born I convinced her that mothers had special powers that could see through any fib.
      You should try the salad, the combination of flavors is so good. But at his age do you really think we’re going to get John to change his ways? I was astonished that he tried your stuffed grape leaves – which he loved by the way – but it just goes to show if we at least get him to try some things he ends up liking them. Or hiding under sauces is another tactic I try. Problem is with him doing the shopping he sees what’s coming.


  2. A great story and I love your dear husband for giving it all a go. Mr. Anonymous is just clueless about that whole shopping thing and now that we live in HK and it is just insanity he would never walk into a market with a 10 foot pole. Your salad looks delicious !


  3. My Hubby HATES brussel sprouts, so rarely do they ever make it to our house…and I actually like them. Since I can’t eat “ise creem”, that is a trade off. He loves “carit kak” and so do I…so we meet in the middle, I guess. Does your honey consider carit kak as a veggie?!?! LOL!


    • Wow! You know I never made the connection with carit kak & vegetables but I’ll bet that’s why he won’t try it. Thank you & I’m doing a dope slap right now. He does like his ise creem though & since I’ll scoop some too I don’t mind that one. But Cheez Its? omg, are those even in any food group or just little squares of chemicals? I can you that you appreciate how spelling gits ya every time though 🙂


  4. What cute photo of your daughter, and your descriptions of her and your hub’ are so vivid — a delightful read! And that salad looks wonderful. Not just cheese… fried cheese! I think that’s a winner in almost everyone’s book.


    • Why thank you, what very sweet words (but I’d expect nothing less from someone with such a delectable blog 🙂
      I can tell you that salad is one of our favorites & the dressing can be made in about 5 minutes – 4 if you’re in a rush.


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