Nantucket Island and Lobster Scramble Brunch

Years ago we used to vacation on the island of Nantucket.  Before the high speed ferry, the trip over was a little too long to attract day trippers and housing development on the island was minimal.  Yes, the island is more crowded but it’s as beautiful and charming as ever.

Although Nantucket was always a vacation island for the affluent, it still had plenty to offer for those of more modest means.  Bill Gates has a home there, and I caught this guy coming off the ferry we were about to board:

John Kerry, Massachusetts Senator, former Presidential candidate

And I understand that Mitt Romney headed over there for a fund raiser a couple days later.  He heard they had a bank there and being an island, that it was “off-shore”…sorry I couldn’t resist that one.

Of course prices have risen since we were there 25 years ago.  We used to stay at the Cliff Lodge, a quaint inn a short walk from downtown.  If I’m remembering correctly, our first year there, rooms were $25 per night, our last year they had skyrocketed to $35 per night.  Of course I had to check their website to see what the going rate is now.  Wow!  Okay, it’s been 25 years, but the starting rate for a single bed is $155 per night, in season.  Here I am standing on the porch of the Cliff Lodge – that was free.

I guess prices have jumped a little.  I remember always walking by the real estate office in town, ogling the houses for sale and remember saying to my husband, “Can you imagine somebody paying $125,000 for a house here!?”  Of course we’re kicking ourselves as we look at 2 bedroom cottages for over $1,000,000.  Hindsight – it does crazy things to your brain doesn’t it?

A landmark inn on Nantucket is the Jared Coffin House.  Built in the mid- 1800’s, it’s a 3 story brick mansion offering rooms, elegant meals, and a patio bar.  The patio bar was a daily stop for us after a bike to Surfside Beach – again, needed those margarita’s to re-hydrate and replenish the lost salt from a day in the sun.  Since it was mid morning and we hadn’t been to the beach, we decided to just have brunch…well a mimosa is fine with brunch right?  We both had to try their Lobster Scramble which I think I’ve successfully recreated here.  It’s very easy although if you’re like me – not a morning person – I would steam the lobster & pull out the meat the night before since that part doesn’t work out well for me in the morning.  Since we’re coming to the end of lobster season and I’m guessing prices will go up, I may not be having so many lobster dishes but while I can, I’ll have this over Special K any morning.

LOBSTER SCRAMBLE as easy as can be

Scramble up a couple of eggs, toss in chopped lobster meat, and just as the eggs are started to cook, add about 3 tablespoons of the best triple creme Brie you can find.  If you happen to have a mimosa standing by, all the better.

21 thoughts on “Nantucket Island and Lobster Scramble Brunch

  1. Oh Nantucket. There is a saying about Nantucket.. let’s see how does it go… “there once was a girl from nantucket….”. oh, wait, never mind. You set me up for that one. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast of champions.


    • Very amazing & although it’s been 25 years, I think the rise in real estate on Nantucket far surpassed the jump in real estate prices on the Cape & most areas of Massachusetts. But oh would I love to have any of those houses we used to ogle in the window now! I was talking to a young couple on the ferry over who were spending a couple of weeks at a home his mother bought 20 yrs. ago for $125,000. They use it often but when she rents it out (it’s an old 2 bedroom, 1 bath) she rents it for $6,000/week in season. That pretty much covers the taxes & then some.


      • My word, that’s a massive amount $6000/week. I’d say that should give them a bit of “& then some”.
        Always easy, though, looking in hind-sight and thinking one should have done something back then but, at the time, $125,000 must have been a lot of money!


      • I thought that was quite high but I guess it’s what the going rate is now on the island & yes, indeed! A house for over $100,000 in those days was a lot, especially since you needed a minimum of 20% down payment & the interest rates were in the around 16% or more. Plus it was even harder to qualify for a 2nd home back then and we’d just barely scraped together enough for our first home. Sigh…


    • Now isn’t that the truth. Every time my husband and I talk about downsizing we take a look at what we’d be buying & it just doesn’t seem worth it. Although I complain about it being too much to take care of (we have about 3 acres) I still like having my buffer zone so although condo’s sound nice, I don’t know if I could get used to sharing walls.


      • Totally!!! I just said the other day to my mom that, if we ever move again, I’d love more land and less neighbors. Not that our neighbors aren’t lovely – the set we have now really are, but I’d just as soon have a little more breathing room…


      • I don’t know if your area is the same as where we are, but it’s an ideal location because we can get into Boston in under and hour, but we’re very rural – probably the only rural area w/land unless you get much further out. I love having the advantages of the city without all the crowding.


    • You would fall in love with the houses there. Most of the downtown buildings were built in the 1800’s & there are gorgeous old bed & breakfasts that just ramble all over the place. You would be in your element & I too wish I’d bought back then. The other nice thing about Nantucket is that they’ve successfully kept out all chains. So stores and restaurants are very unique.


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