Courthouse Bugs, Dead Cars and Roast Beef

I’m not sure what specific ‘bug’ was lurking around the courthouse but since I’m still trying to fight this thing off for over 2 weeks now, I don’t think this is something I’d want to look at too closely under a microscope.  It’s mean and nasty that’s for sure and just when I think I’m getting my pins back under me, it sneaks up and smacks me upside the head.

I’m of an age where I no longer have guilt feelings about a dirty house or windows that need cleaning.  So the good part of ‘having’ to rest up is being able to read to my heart’s delight.  I finished off Richard Clark’s, Your Country Failed You; The Last Minute, Jeff Abbott; Bad Faith, Robert Tanenbaum, Guilt by Degrees, Marcia Clark, 11th Hour by James Patterson; and am now enjoying the latest by my favorite author, John Sandford, Mad River.  Although I haven’t felt inspired to update my own blog, I’ve been following all of you and been enjoying my free trip to Germany courtesy of Backroad Journal and loving a great vacation in Europe via Bam’s posts.  Thank you ladies, I’m enjoying my free vacations very much.

But, the sun is finally out and I was ready to put on my out house clothes to venture out except for one little problem.  My car is as dead as a doornail.  It’s been cold, but not kill your battery cold and I did drive it a few days ago but as my husband was trying to jump start me, the light bulb went on over my head.  Literally.  That would be the little overhead light that can be punched on by a certain big ol’ Berner head when said Berner stands on the console sticking her head out the sunroof.  Unfortunately the attempt at jump starting just resulted in the little bulb to flicker and did not get my car started.  Lucky(?) for me, I already had an appointment at the Mazda dealer for Tuesday to replace my brakes and rotors so it was just a matter of having AAA tow my car over there a day early. Tell me – do all tow truck drivers have naked ladies painted on the side of their cabs with comments like “support your local hooker“?  Maybe it’s a local union thing where they all support each other, I don’t know but he did take my car and was very careful to not scrape the front fender pulling it onto the truck bed.

Maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson about checking that overhead light since this is the second battery Lola has killed on this car.  Maybe I’ll just remove the bulb and not worry about getting in in a dark parking lot.  Who would be dumb enough to hide in the back of my car with a 90 lb. black bear taking up most of the space?

Anyway, feeling low and having a dead car set off cravings for some comfort food.  I had my husband buy the best hunk of roast beef the store had.  Although I can’t call this a recipe, I did rub it with a little bit of oil, minced garlic, some oregano and basil then splashed Worcestershire sauce on top.  Asparagus and some smashed potatoes with gravy from the beef drippings and I felt a lot better.  And, I have been listening to those of you who say to let the roast rest before cutting.  That in addition to making sure I didn’t forget that the roast was in the oven made for a very juicy and tender piece of meat.

20 thoughts on “Courthouse Bugs, Dead Cars and Roast Beef

  1. Ugh sounds like some lows my friend – I’m glad your car is sorted (though the hooker ad is a first for me!) and I hope your bug goes and gets squashed!!!
    As for reading that is quite awesome no doubt and with a tender piece of meat, I bet really lifts you 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru


    • I guess these things just seem to come in cycles but the good news is I’ll have a new battery going into winter (as long as Lola stops playing w/my light switch).
      The roast beef was just what I needed & was so tasty. I was getting a little sick of soups to tell you the truth.


  2. My Hubby has had the Big Bug for 2 weeks now…not much blog picture taking around here! Hope you are feeling better! I, too, have been following the adventures in Germany of our friend over at Backroad Journals. Fun stuff! Take care and just take that darn bulb out of the car…..


  3. That beef looks phenomenal — congrats on preparing it just right! I bet it was yummy. I’m chuckling a little bit, now, about Lola burning on your light — I’ve never actually had it burn out the battery, but the boys used to be terrible about turning those on and not turning them off. You need a neighbor like the one I have, across the street. She’s my friend who calls when, say, the hatch back has been up for six hours OR the lights are on inside the car. Definitely saved me a few times. I hope you finally kick this “bug” too — that sounds nasty — have you tried DRUGS…..the good stuff, I mean — like a nice Zithromax Z-PAC?


    • I’ve caught that light a couple of times before it drained the battery but when she punches it on during the day I just don’t notice & 3 days was apparently long enough to take care of that battery. Of course when I went down there, the big girl was right behind me, hopped in the back for her ride and …nothing. Couldn’t get her out because of course she wanted her car ride so she sat there waiting until we finally gave up. I dragged her out & upstairs was doing a pretty good rant about how “someone left the damned light on & how someone killed my car!” All the while, Lola’s flattened out on the kitchen floor looking up with the big browns & doing the right-left eyebrow thing back & forth between us going “huh, someone…they’re looking at me…I think they’re talking about me…wonder if the cat was involved…screwed out of a car ride and probably no cookie tonight…”
      If this McNasty isn’t better by next week I’ve got another doctor’s appointment so I’m thinking by that time it’s worth considering real drugs since nothing lasts for an entire month.


      • I bet Lola was very confused, but getting the feeling that it had SOMETHING to do with her. Ha ha.

        Hope you feel better before you have to go back to the doctor — but don’t put it off, if it doesn’t clear up. You know there’s only like 55 holiday shopping days left. 😉


      • You can’t tell me Bailey isn’t aware of when he’s the topic of “the family meeting”. Of course, they don’t necessarily give a hoot, but they know. And now poor Lola really feels like she’s in the doghouse. I think she rolled in something that Moe doesn’t like & he’s been attacking her since last night – doing the Halloween cat routine & smacking her while she’s asleep. He keeps creeping up on her doing the sniff test from stem to stern, then does this back of the throat growl thing, then a face smack. Lola’s had it with that crap & he gets his fuzzy butt chased all around the house…things are getting overturned. Then she had to go for her rabies shot today so Lola’s week can only look up.
        Are you kidding me? I’ve only got 55 days? I’d better get hustling.


  4. Dearest Diane, Of course many of your problems this week are very serious and I hope they are resolved soon but you described them so humorously I am almost falling off my chair. I love how you can take such a pitiful situation and turn into something fun. Your my kind of girl! Thanks so much for the shout out and I am glad that my tours around Europe have kept your mind off the dismal things at hand. Your roast beef looks perfectly cooked and tender. I bet you could have cut it with a fork. Take care, BAM


    • If I don’t laugh about these things, you’d probably find me hiding in the back of my closet rocking back & forth. Back before I started this blog my neighbor told me I needed to write about some of these things. I said “Huh? You mean these things don’t happen to everyone?” Her response was, “well they do, just not all of these things to the same person, over & over”. Like the first year we moved in to this neighborhood I broke my kneecap & was in a cast. Everyone was very helpful & really great. The following year, my neighbor was driving by & came to a screeching halt in the middle of the road when she saw me hobbling out the front door on crutches again. “what?!!!? You re-broke your knee?” “Nah… it’s the left leg this year”.


  5. Keep your super bugs on the East Coast, please! All kidding aside, glad you are on the mend. Hope you continue to progress. I bet it was wonderful to move from soup to a substantial meal. Looks delicious! Love your stories! Keep up the posts, especially as you start to feel better!


    • I’m afraid I’ve spread it to Trixfred30 in the UK & down to Georgia – this must be what they mean when something goes viral – it carried on the blogs. Use some Purell right now. And yes, I was ready for a real meal. I like soup but mostly when I don’t HAVE to eat soup.


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    • Lola was so honored to get such fine recognition that she bounced off my chest, just like “that one” in your photo. Funny every Berner I’ve had & met has the exact same mannerisms – they jump, the Berner Bump you in personal places, then they sleep – well unless they’re eating.


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