Shrimp-Sausage Gumbo

Have you ever cooked something that was so good that you had to run out and share it?

I was reading Adam Holland’s blog last week that featured Shrimp Scampi which I love.  Late afternoon and I didn’t really have a plan for dinner.  As luck would have it, when I sent a comment to Adam about his scampi, he was on line and we got my dinner figured out in a flash.  I was musing about making shrimp but mentioned that I had some vague idea of combining shrimp and sausage with some peppers I had on hand.  Well Adam jumped right on that with suggestions and our exchange resulted in this unbelievably scrumptious concoction that I don’t have a real name for – how about if we call it Shrimp/Sausage Gumbo a la Diane with an assist from Adam.  What really made this a great dish was his suggestion of caramelized onions and using a fra diavolo sauce.  Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t know exactly what a fra diavolo sauce is but it seemed like my leftover sauce from the week’s spaghetti and meatballs would do just fine.  My hat’s off to you, Adam for your timely help with dinner – thank you!

sausage shrimp gumbo 002

Shrimp/Sausage Gumbo a la Diane with an assist from Adam

1.  Pre-cook sausage – I used a package of Italian sweet
2.  Caramelize a very large white onion – saute in butter until soft, then sprinkle with sugar and douse with white wine, let simmer
3.  Add in sliced red and orange bell pepper until softened, followed by 2 cloves of minced garlic and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes
4.  After sausage have cooked, chop into thick chunks – add to mixture
5.  Stir in a marinara or ‘fra diavolo’ type sauce with a good hefty slug of red wine
6.  Let bubble and simmer while flavors combine, adding more red wine as it reduces, then serve over spaghetti or as Adam suggested, sop up the juice with a nice thick slab of homemade bread.

Now I mentioned that sometimes you make something that’s so tasty you just have to share it.  So the next afternoon, Niki got out of work early and I just had to run the leftovers out to Boston for her to try.  Unfortunately, in my excitement I wasn’t thinking about it being the Friday of a holiday weekend so when I left at 5:30, I found myself in what WBZ was calling “a slow crawl down the Mass Pike all the way to Westboro”.  Slow crawl? Cripes, I would have gotten home faster if I’d ditched my car.



29 thoughts on “Shrimp-Sausage Gumbo

      • This one is definitely happening this week. Don’s favorite is sausage and peppers. Well, we have about 3 more months until the decent weather is here. Nom nom.


      • Good for you – now definitely try adding the caramelized onions, it really really was good. Don’t forget to make plenty because this is one of those things that just gets even better the next day when the flavors all blend in for a while.
        I really wish you hadn’t said 3 MONTHS…I was kind of hoping for an early spring. But have you noticed that at least the daylight is lasting a little bit longer?


    • I tried to hide the peppers from my husbands who’s not a fan, but really they just brought out all of the flavors in a nice sweet blend. As for that slow crawl – I’m sure you’ve been in Friday night Boston traffic. At least I’d made the wise decision to have some snacks & water in the car.


  1. Well, if that’s not the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me! If you ever want to shorten the name, you can call it ‘Welcome to New Jersey. Now, shut up!’ But seriously, it looks outstanding. And, thank you!


  2. I think you hit pay dirt, Diane, with this recipe. It sounds delicious and I’d definitely serve it over pasta, as you did, or polenta. (I know. Any excuse to eat more pasta or polenta.) The caramelized onions ere a great addition, too. I need to give this a try one night for dinner — and try to remember portion control when I do. 🙂


    • John, this one will definitely make another round (or 2) in this house. I think I’ll plan ahead a little better and make a nice loaf of fresh bread to go with it … not saying that it won’t be served over pasta too, that would be in addition. Definitely take a little extra time to caramelize those onions – it was worth it.


    • Oh you just have to love Boston traffic! A funny thing though – I’d brought Lola along for the ride & visit and whenever I was trying to merge, I’d yell “look Lola, look!” to wake her up in the back seat & get her to sit up. It worked too – every time she popped her big ol’ Berner head up in the back seat, people let me merge very easily (not often in Boston I can tell you). I’m not sure if they liked dogs or were so surprised to see a big bear pop up in the back window that they hesitated just enough to let me get in.
      Are you getting ready to pack up & ride your camel out of the desert? Now that must have been an interesting trip.


      • Yeppers….tomorrow is my last day in the new office here, then I pack up on Tues night, visit to the potential office in Dubai, and to the ariport…late flight (11pm) on Wed and home at 6am to ATL on Thursday morning…I will be so glad to get home..but very interesting trip. More posts to come once I settle back in to the time change (in reverse!) LOL!


      • I can’t wait to see more about this trip but boy do I feel for ya with the flight & time changes. This is going to take you a while. I always thought that coming back was harder to adjust to than going.


  3. I know how you feel about traffic. Sometimes as I sit in Hong Kong traffic, I think I could get out and walk there faster than taking public transport and it smells funny….LOL I love sausage peppers and shrimp combo fast easy and delicious. Take care Diane! BAM


  4. This made my stomach growl — and gave me a wholehearted chuckle. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the humor once again. I’ve definitely made that mistake with SF Bay area traffic, and can surely see myself forgetting about its frustrating mess in the name of sharing a good recipe!


    • I guess I got a little excited about sharing this meal with my daughter that I didn’t think through the whole traffic thing. Problem here, as I’m sure in SF Bay area, is that once you’re in it, there’s no easy out. Having a large dog who was a little gassy made for an even longer ride. No choice but to check the windows down a little but man, it was COLD!


    • Nah, not me…just some poor soul who was probably as frustrated as I was. Boston traffic can really be a mess, especially on the Friday before a long weekend. I loved this little gumbo thing but next time I have to do better at hiding the peppers so my husband doesn’t spend the entire meal picking them out. I’ve made another dish w/the orange peppers since then but sliced them into small bits & told him they were carrots – he loved them!


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