NEMO – Who’s Nemo?

I knew we were getting a major storm, but nobody told me they had named it.  As I checked some friends on Facebook after the storm, they had pictures up with captions like “Judy with Nemo”, “Kathy playing with Nemo”… and they were all alone in the pictures!  I kept thinking huh, did Judy AND Kathy get new dogs and both name them Nemo?  And where’s Nemo?  I finally saw a post of someone shoveling Nemo…

Ooooh – they named the blizzard Nemo?  They’ve always named hurricanes, but I don’t recall ever having blizzards named.  Like the Blizzard of ’78…we called that the Blizzard of ’78 and that worked out just fine.  We were buried for almost a week, there was a ban on driving, and the best part was that it was all before the internet so no one could work!  It seems to me that storm was worse than this one but it could be because we lived in the city at the time and there was no place to put the snow.  Niki’s street in Boston just got somewhat plowed out last night and the people who don’t have off street parking should be able to get to their cars sometime in June.

Anyway, whatever they call it, we did get a lot of snow, the roads were closed as of 4:00 pm Friday and reopened at 4:00 pm Saturday.  As of Friday afternoon though I kept telling my husband that I wasn’t all that impressed with this storm.  But then when I got up Saturday morning to this…

blizzard feb2013 013I was a little more impressed.  Before I could get my jacket and boots on, Lola had already dug and tunneled her way out to the back.  I’m sure some of that was drifting but the front was pretty much the same.

feb2013 blizzard2 012

A big pile of Nemo

feb2013 blizzard2 016

Lola standing in Nemo

feb2013 blizzard2 010

Lola eating Nemo

Lola just hanging out on Nemo

Lola just hanging out with Nemo

John swearing at Nemo

John swearing at Nemo (yeah, I had another caption but I just can’t use it)


25 thoughts on “NEMO – Who’s Nemo?

    • Really ?!? I would be so happy to send you some. As a matter of fact, I’ll trade you a couple of your figs for a foot of this. I grew up in New England so you just get used to it but at least when I was younger it was a lot more fun (never mind getting out of school). Lola LOVES the cold & snow – she’d come in for just a few minutes to shake off then head back out there. Now Moe…well he’s a typical cat, demanding that I let him out on the screened porch which had 6″ of snow, then screaming at the door 2 seconds later flicking his paws & looking at me like it’s my fault!


  1. I’m with you on the naming thing. What’s up with naming every type of storm these days (and coming up with new *types* of storms, such as ‘super storm’)? I lived through the Blizzard of ’96 (Jersey Shore) and — like your Blizzard of ’78 — the name worked out just fine. Perhaps there are two blizzards in a single season? Well then, we call one the ‘Big’ blizzard and the other the ‘Small’ blizzard … or the January blizzard … or whatever…


    • Oh thank you Adam, I was afraid I was sounding like some cranky old lady shaking her fist, yelling things like “in my day….” And I agree that for the people who’ve been through any of these storms, all you have to say is “remember that ice storm that knocked the power out for a week?” Everyone who was in it knows exactly what you’re talking about. You have to name your kids & pets but storms?


  2. Lola’s first thought, at seeing Nemo, was probably, “Finally!’ She was born for this kind of weather. I’m glad you didn’t lose power and seem to be coping just fine. I hope some sense of normalcy returns to you soon.


    • You got that right John. This dog just doesn’t want to be inside with all that cool stuff out there. We were so lucky to not lose power that I can certainly cope with the snow out there. I’m not ready to drive in it yet since my car sits very low & the bankings are so high…but soon we will have spring?


    • You know the caption that was just asking to be put under the snow-blowing picture.
      Lola was loving it out there. Don’t know why she does it but she just loves sticking her head into the snow. And come May when we’ve got that last patch of snow or ice, she’ll be sitting on it.
      These are the days when I could easily slide south for a few months. After Christmas is over I get itchy to get in my car & point it south.


  3. Oh my goodness! That photo of Lola showing off her pink tongue is just adorable… and I am chuckling as I imagine your alternate caption for the last photo. I am such a California weather wimp… I’ve never seen anything like this snow in person, and I can only imagine what it’s like to deal with. I’m glad you are safe, and I hope you are all hanging in there!


    • I grew up in New England & these old bones find it harder & harder to deal with the cold. Lola is definitely a cold weather dog! She was a riot hopping around out there, sticking her head into the snow (why she does that I have no idea because when she knocked me over, I didn’t find it all that great an experience! And, um, yes I think you know the caption that first came to mind with the snowblower.
      My daughter’s heading out to San Fran at the end of the month & I’ve been going crazy on line trying to find a nice wine tour to surprise her. Thought I had one that sounded great but turns out they’re booked because of some wine barrel event…bummer on that one. I think I’ve got another one that’s a small tour (no big bus thing) but it does involve a ferry ride back…


      • OMG! That is so sweet of you and thank you. I ended up booking one with Terrific Tours. They pick up near their hotel, it’s a small van (no more than 12 people), and there is the ferry ride back but they take care of that for you too. I think it’ll be great for her to be able to see more the area & she’ll have a couple days to explore the city itself. We just had an awesome evening of crazy shopping for some clothes the trip & a great dinner after. I know she’s looking forward to this trip a lot.


  4. Glad to hear you survived Nemo! Like you, I didn’t realize they started naming blizzards. Sounds like the weather folks have nothing else to do. 🙂 We’ve been spared here in the Midwest this year and what snow we’ve gotten has been all in this month of Feb — just looking forward to March and I’m sure you are too after the gift of Nemo!


    • I think the naming is new – makes for better headlines I guess. But this seems to be the gift that keeps on giving – certainly not as much, but a little bit every other day it seems. Soon, March has to be right around the corner.


    • Well first, you have to explain to your kids that there’s plenty of Nemo to go around but 2nd, you should mention that kids shouldn’t eat Nemo. And as luck would have it, just as we’re getting some melt off it sounds like we could get anywhere from another 3″-10″ on Sunday! I was so hoping to be done with this. My daughter is flying out to San Fran on Monday so I hope you’ll be kind enough to order up some nice weather for her.


      • Oh, the weather is perfect during the day time here – sweaters, jackets, and sun. I wouldn’t hesitate bringing her winter outwear for the evenings though… I think I would let my kids eat snow, just because I feel they are being deprived of a huge part of a fun childhood by not having it around. We just showed them the snow for the 1st time a couple weeks ago – they were thrilled!


      • I’ve just passed the weather info on to Niki & I’m sure she’ll have her winter gear on when she leaves Boston (if her flight gets out on Monday morning). She’s taking a few days after her conference for sightseeing & also doing the evening Alcatraz cruise so I think a jacket will be in order.
        Maybe you could just caution your kid to not eat yellow snow – just in case Lola’s been in the area:)


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