Nemo-the gift that keeps on giving & Award Thank Yous

I could really appreciate John’s post (from the Bartolini kitchens) about grilling swordfish knee deep in snow.  As a life long New Englander, a little snow doesn’t stop me my husband from grilling when I’ve got a craving for a juicy barbecued steak.  You all heard about Nemo, “the big one” that hit us a month ago but you probably didn’t hear about the 6″ that dropped a week later.  You most likely weren’t paying attention either when our forecasters went nuts screaming about a huge storm last week.  It was supposed to start Wednesday night and continue on all day Thursday. Sigh…I changed an appointment from Thursday to Friday assuming everything would be cleared by then.  I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or mad when I woke up to a pathetic snow flurry that just spit all day leaving not much of anything.  Assuming we’d dodged our final winter bullet, I wanted to cry when I got up to this on FRIDAY morning:

endfeb snow 016

Yes, that would be another foot plus of snow.  It looks pretty (for a couple of hours) until you get that barbecued steak craving that I was talking about.  At which point you let the dog make a path to the grill, and like John, put a hat on yourself (and your dog if you’re getting a little cabin fever)….

lola in bruins hat 002

And grill up a steak, then smother it in mushrooms sauteed in butter (I know it’s hard to see but there is a steak under there):

cinnamon rolls 014

Not a great picture and certainly not “the money shot” that Trixfred30 over at Happiness Stan is always looking for, buy hey it was a cold dash from the grill to the house and you can’t let a good steak get cold.

Putting aside the winter blues , two wonderful blogging friends have nominated “The Table” for more awards and I want to thank them for lifting my spirits.  I hope that you all to stop by their blogs to appreciate real talent.

For a truly enjoyable and inspirational food journey, swing by to say hi to Mandy at The Complete Cookbook – she not only has many interesting food ideas and beautiful photography but very handy conversion information that I use when I try recipes from other countries.  Of course I still adore Mandy even though it’s summer in South Africa…I’m not resenting that at all…really.  Mandy, thank you for the lovely Reader Appreciation Award, I’ll take roses any day! 

Reader appreciatio award

A big thank you to While He Was Out for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

Just take a look at this link for No Bake Mulberry Cheesecake for inspiration.  I feel sorry for her co-workers who missed their birthday celebration.

I truly thank the above people for thinking enough of my blog to express their appreciation and thank all readers for stopping by to read and hopefully chat.  I feel that I have friends all over the world and, since I just found out what a bucket list is, would add a visit to all of you to my list.  Until then, this is my appreciation and award list to those fellow bloggers who brighten my day and always inspire me with new ideas. I know that some of you don’t participate in awards, but I would still like to thank you all and steer others to your blogs so that they may enjoy them as much as I do.  May I recommend the following blogs:

Bam’s Kitchen is now at a new address…nah, she’s still personally in Hong Kong but take a look at her beautiful new site.  As a matter of fact I’m going to give her South African Bobotie a try in a few minutes.
* World traveler and avid cook, Susan at Our Kitchen Inventions is enjoying her Atlanta spring while I’m still shoveling but she does meet some interesting characters in her travels.  This guy might lose his chestnuts but he’s definitely not stressed when he goes home.
* If you have a sweet tooth as I do, take a look at the creations on Butter, Sugar, Flowers – I only wish that I had the talent to make something look this beautiful…Buttermilk Rosewater Cupcakes. No matter what your personal preferences, you’ll always get some alternative suggestions for her ideas.
* I always enjoy stopping by Danny’s at 1227 Foster but take a look at his Creamy Prosciutto Pasta.  I’ll say it one more time – check out all of his Mac & Cheese variations – the man is a genius.
Russian Mom Cooks…While Chasing Kids is a fantastic place to stop for very unique, Russian inspired cooking ideas.  I’m not sure how Anastasia does this while chasing kids, but somehow she manages to keep it all together.
* If you love a great laugh, well researched food info as well as some excellent down home cooking, be sure to tell Adam at The Unorthodox Epicure that I said hello.  I can’t guarantee what he might be writing about on any given day – you might hear about his former Cruella DeVille boss, food labels, or shoppers in pajamas – but you’ll always get a solid meal idea.


32 thoughts on “Nemo-the gift that keeps on giving & Award Thank Yous

    • Oh John LOVES mushrooms Judy – it’s those red, green (except for lettuce which is that even a vegetable?), and yellow vegetables that he claims are poisonous. Brown & white are fine.
      Are we done with winter yet? Please……


  1. Diane, thanks so much for referring my blog! Weird, I just switched to independent hosting, and I cannot see people entering my URL in their blogs any more, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find While Chasing Kids in your post!
    I was wondering if you would be up for a dessert challenge. I just posted about it on my page, and would love to see you there!


    • You are very welcome, I just love your blog & hope that others will stop by. I think Bobbi at Bam’s Kitchen (below) had some changes when she changed over her blog too. I know that I still get notified of new postings but I don’t get the little orange light up in my top bar to let me know when she’s responded.
      I’m definitely going to check out your dessert challenge – sounds like fun & I was just about to attempt my first try at making profiteroles. I’ll have to check out the details of this challenge, thank you.


  2. Hello Diane, Ok thats it and the final straw someone needs to fire that ground hog… I also think that when you do the spring forward with the clocks that that should also make it automatically stop snowing from that point forward. Who can I talk to about that, to make that happen?
    That steak looks gorgeous and I also love mine smothered in mushrooms. Thank you so much for your kind words and the mention. How did the South African Bobotie turn out? Cook without a cover, sorry we are on opposite time zones…but it looks like you sorted that out. Sending some warm tropical breezes from HK your way. Take care, BAM


    • I’ve got some theories on this beady eyed ground hog they keep dragging out of his hole. How long’s he been doing this? I’m thinking maybe ground hog Alzheimer’s or maybe he’s just a pathological liar. Maybe he’s trying to hang in there waiting for retirement while congress keeps upping the age.
      The South African Bobotie was terrific! I’ve never made anything like this and can’t tell you how bored I’ve been making the same old stuff so it was a welcome change. My husband and I both went back for 2nds & it’s on the list of repeats for sure. One change I would make is that I cut the recipe in half (no teenage boys here) but next time I would keep the sauce in the same amount. I put a little coconut on top & served with bananas on the side so I actually got my husband to eat a little fruit. Yes, please warm breezes would be much appreciated!


  3. Diane, thank you so much for your incredibly kind words — and for another wonderful and humorous post! Your dog is so adorable, and those mushrooms look scrumptious. Plus, it’s fabulous to get introduced to your favorite blogs. So many reasons to smile after reading this — thanks again!


    • No, thank you! I can’t tell you how much I love looking at the wonderful creations you come up with. You should go over to see Anastatia (see her comment above) and join in the dessert challenge.
      Lola is a great dog & puts up with anything to get a cookie 😉


  4. Since you began your fantastic post mentioning me, I’ll begin my comment by thanking you, Diane, for being so kind.
    Love the shots of your pupster with hat and in the snow. It’s fun to watch a dog romp in snow. People wonder why I’d grill in the middle of WInter. Well, just look at that steak of yours and that will explain everything. Congrats on receiving these awards. Brace yourself, for there are sure to be more to come your way.


    • John, thank you for providing us with such an interesting and “tasteful” blog. I know that I see you on many of the others that I follow but hope that more will stop by to see how easy & scrumptious your recipes are.
      That dog of mine just loves the snow although she can do without the hat. I know that come May when we have that final patch of snow in the shade, she’ll be sprawled out sleeping on it.


    • Oh go ahead & make another of your epic butcher shop expeditions. You always come back with such interesting new posts & I’m guessing your butcher absolutely loves you.
      My dog was having a great time until the hat went on!
      And again I apologize for not getting that money shot – but trust me…it was freezing out there!


  5. Diane, I have cousins in New England, so I know what you’re going through with all the snow. You’re a brave soul (or your husband is) grilling outside, but that steak and the mushrooms definitely make it worthwhile! Hope the pup got at least one bite. Have you made the So. African Bobotie yet? I did and it was delicious. Even better warmed up the next day.


    • Kathleen I am so done with this snow & could use just a hint of warm air. The grilling was sort of a joint effort – the dog made the path, I lit the grill, but then my husband was back & forth checking the steak. After these storms we always seem to get that biting wind that goes right through you.
      Have no fear though – Lola always gets at least one bite of (almost) everything after dinner.
      Matter of fact, we did have the So. African Bobotie last night & loved it. I wasn’t too sure of what my husband would think of the curry (and I’ve always stayed away from it myself) but it was such an interesting combination of flavors & is now on the ‘must repeat’ list. (I do happen to have a little left which is going to be my lunch today.)


  6. Thank you, my dear Friend, for the Shout Out and congrats to you on the awards. You (and your merry band of critters!) deserve each and every award out there!

    Not a steak eater, but sure does look good! Hate to tell you – it’s sunny and 54 degrees right now, with an expected high of 71! But not to fear, it’s still getting cold at night, and that is teasing all of our little plants here.

    You’ve once again made my day with your kindness and words. I really needed this today, so thank you so much! Rough day yesterday…


    • Susan you are most welcome and I’m hoping you have a better day. I really enjoy your blog, ideas, and photos so please keep it up.
      It looks like we’ve got yet another week of under 40° but I’ve been looking closely to see if there’s any new green coming up. All we need is a few warm days.


  7. Haha, it is quite hard thinking about grilling at this point, when the country is kind of covered with surprisingly unexpected snow – in Hungary, you see, March is supposed to be a spring month or something? I don’t even go out to the balcony! Brrrrrr. Congrats on all those wonderful awards : )))


    • Thank you & there have been times when we’ve actually had a hint of spring in March but then again we’ve also had surprise blizzards in May. They say that if you don’t like New England weather, just wait a minute because it will change.
      Once we change those clocks though I really expect spring to at least make a small appearance…


      • Yup agree : )) We have a week to go before that, and looky there, the sun just appeared! Lets see if it melts the snow from the highway where we have hundreds of cars trapped since Thursday night!! 😮


  8. Wow, that is a lot of snow! And that is very beautiful (I think that’s because I don’t get any snow where I live). Sorry you have to deal with the cold and everything. But I’m glad to know the snow didn’t stop you from grilling a gorgeous steak. 🙂 Stay warm and stay dry. And congratulations on your blog awards. Have a great weekend.


  9. Congratulations Diane 🙂 I hate to say this, but I’m a bit jealous with all the snow you got. Here in Chicago, they kept on telling us snow, but we never really got a good snowfall. How hard is it to ask for one snow day each year? 🙂 Congrats again – well deserved. Stay warm – spring should hopefully be around the corner. And thank you for adding me to your list – much appreciated!


    • Thank you very much Danny but please don’t be jealous of our snow. It’s getting tiresome & I had to open my mouth to say that the last one had to be, well…the last one. But it sounds like more on the way tomorrow. It’s hard to believe but last year’s Boston Marathon – mid April – had a record breaking heat wave. People who’d qualified were given the option to take a pass & run this year instead.


  10. Would you look at your pooch – such gorgeous pics of him in the snow!
    Thank you Diane for such beautiful and loving words about me. Sending you a big warm South African hug.
    Have a beautiful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    • I should have a dog who likes warm weather like I do, but I guess that’s what my cat is for, snuggling under a comforter.
      I follow a number of blogs who use metric measures & I love your conversions – use them all the time. It’s so handy to just click into your blog & get everything I need…great ideas, information & beautiful photos.


  11. Geez O’ flip! I’m a regular here, yet this is the first time I’ve seen this. (Was reading about your little run-away on my iPhone last night and now I can’t find it on my laptop. I’m truly challenged.)

    If there’s one thing that cures cabin fever (almost as well as sunshine and 80 degrees), it’s steak on the grill! I don’t whether I ever mentioned this, but during the ‘Blizzard of 96’ I shoveled snow in shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops. That’s another way of giving the middle finger to such storms — just not as tasty as the steak and ‘shrooms.

    Congrats, Diane, on the Reader Appreciation Award and Liebster! (And thank you for nominating me.) You are awesome. 🙂


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