I didn’t post last week because I was in the midst of a sewing project that was giving me conniption fits.  Last week that project was important to me, this week, it’s not so important.

bruins finalgame 005

This week’s post was going to be a vegetarian wild mushroom/onion ragu that I made for my husband’s niece for after she finished the Boston Marathon.  This was Chrissie’s third and anticipated last Boston run after taking a bye last year due to the extreme heat wave we had.  She flew to Connecticut from Washington, D.C. to her mother’s and they drove here Sunday morning then headed into Boston to pick up her number and tracking chip.  Let me say now that my family is safe.

After dropping Chrissie off at the race start in Hopkinton, John and his sister took their usual spot along the route to wait for her to go by.  People lined the streets as they do every year holding signs, wearing bright clothes so their runner can spot them in the massive crowds.  It’s a fun day, a happy, cheerful day and all runners get support every step of the way – the wheelchair racers, the National Guardsmen running with 80 lb. packs, the elite, the 2nd wave, and almost 600 runners in the 65 and older category.  Everyone gets cheers because it’s an event where just qualifying to run for 26 miles is an achievement to be proud of.  Everyone deserves their moment of glory because they earned it.

After Chrissie ran by, my husband sent me a text at 2:50 to say that they were heading for the train to meet her at the finish line. But thinking of the crowds in years past at the finish line, they decided to get off one stop before which was a longer walk but was fortuitous because it put them one street away at 3:50 when the explosions turned a joyful day into a gut wrenching mass of confusion.  Chrissie had finished the race but doubled back heading back toward the finish line to get her backpack from the bus when the blasts ripped through the area in front of her.  Clouds of black smoke billowed down the street and people were now running, pushing her away from the blast area.

Horror and confusion doesn’t adequately express the feeling in your gut when something like this happens and you do not know where your family is or what their status is. At 4:05 a text finally came through from my husband – “we are all right”.  Calls had been shut down but some texts were eventually getting through although service was obviously on overload.  You cannot believe the frustration of not being able to communicate immediately and directly though when reports were coming through of other bombs potentially being in the area. You just want to scream loud enough for them to hear … “get further away from the area, keep moving away”.

I just wanted everyone back home, safe.  But all public transportation was in lock down and everyone was trying to grab the available cabs. Really good people are out there though.  A kind stranger in a van pulled over for John, Mary, and Chrissie and got them out of the city so they could get to the car and finally come home.  Thank you ma’am…I don’t know your name but I know you are a good person.

I’m sure you’ve heard and seen many graphic, horrendous stories and photos and I cannot imagine what many people are dealing with.  The courage of so many people who helped the wounded and the quick response to get the most seriously injured to the hospitals certainly saved lives.  The heartbreak of the families of those who died in such a senseless attack makes me choke up and the multiple surgeries and recovery of the seriously injured who have painful recoveries in the months, probably years ahead.

A lot of people are asking “why”…why would someone do this.  I did, but now I’m not.  I don’t care why and when (not if), when they catch whoever did this I don’t want to hear a word from this sick creep.  I don’t want to have a look inside that snake infested mind because that person does not deserve one second of additional fame.

Boston and it’s people will move on.  No one will forget this tragic day or its victims but we will keep being who we are.  Boston’s a tough town but a beautiful town.  We might be crazy drivers and you might find our one way streets confusing, but if you get lost we’ll be happy to head you in the right direction…well maybe not if you’re a Yankees fan but everyone else.  We love our sports – Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots – and we love our events.

Even before Monday’s Marathon I sometimes feel paranoid in large crowds but then I think of how two years ago, over one million people came into the city to celebrate the Bruin’s Stanley Cup win.  I was worried that day because Niki, a Bruin’s Ice Girl was in that parade.  The streets were packed and the roar of the crowds deafening.  She couldn’t hear when her Dad was calling to get her attention until the crowd around him started chanting until she finally spotted him.


And I think… if we can bring over one million people together in a wide open area, without a single incident then we can do it again.  I’m thinking that this year’s 4th of July celebration will be a united show of commitment to keeping this city open to everyone to enjoy.  And to those participating and watching this weekend’s London Marathon – Boston is with you.  May you enjoy a peaceful day of accomplishment and pride.


29 thoughts on “BOSTON

  1. I am so terribly sorry that you had to experience such an incredibly frightening and awful thing. I am extremely glad that you and your family are alright and my thoughts remain with those who were injured or killed. Such a sad day


  2. Sending lots of healing love from California to you and your family, AND to your whole Boston family (I heard a Bostonian on the news say, “We’re not a city, we’re a family” — which I can really see from your stories and others’.)


  3. I am so sorry, Diane that your family, that any family, should have endured that senseless act and so very relieved to read that your family escaped the blasts. I rejoice for your family and pray for those not less fortunate.


  4. Hugs and some positive thoughts coming your way. I am so relieved to hear your family is safe and sound. This sounds like a mom’s worst nightmare to feel helpless. My heart goes out to those that are suffering from this great tragedy and hope that the people who are responsible also get the mental help they need as obvious they are deeply disturbed.


    • Thank you Bobbi. I’m yet again feeling that horrible sense of helplessness as my daughter is just a few miles away from where they are searching for the 2nd suspect. She is in lockdown this morning but I know she will be safe and that they will find this 2nd person.


      • Just wanted to check back in with you to make sure you are ok and that your daughter is back to her usual routine. I know this has been a trying week for everyone in the Boston area. Sending some positive thoughts your way. BAM


      • Thank you Bobbi. My daughter was out of her apartment the minute they lifted the ban, but then of course everything got crazy when they had the guy pinned down in that boat in Watertown. At least she was over on the other side of town and away from all that. You know it’s a strange feeling because it seems like the initial bombing happened so long ago but was just a week ago. I guess I never realized how when something like that happens, your stress level skyrockets. After you just feel so tired and drained. I still think of all those people still in the hospital who will have such a long recovery ahead of them.


  5. Such a horrible end to the day for everybody. I am thrilled your family are all okay but feel such sadness for the families who aren’t! I saw on the news this morning it seems the “alleged” suspects have now shot an MIT police officer. Such an unhappy world we are living in at the moment. Never any good or happy news on the telly any more. So very sad.
    Sending positive love filled and healing energy to everybody in Boston.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    • Yes, sadly the MIT police office and a state policeman were killed. One suspect was shot & died at the hospital but the 2nd has not been caught. The city is in lockdown now as they are searching house to house. It will be another tense day as my daughter lives a couple miles from where he was last seen & she is in lockdown now. This has truly been a terrible week.


  6. My dear dear friend….my heart leaps out to your and your family. So glad they are safe, so sad for those who lost loved ones…..I watched the National Anthem being joyfully sung at the game, and laughed / cried to think that something terrible brings us all back together once again. What a crazy time we live in – love to you and lots of positive thoughts being sent your way from “Way Down South”!!!


    • Thank you Susan. It is amazing how people come together at these times and help support each other. I’m sure you’ve seen the news this morning that one suspect has been shot & killed but the 2nd, his brother is still at large. The city is in lockdown. My daughter is just a few miles away from where they appear to be searching but I’m sure she will be safe as long as she stays inside until this is over.


  7. Thank you for taking on the difficult task of sharing your thoughts and feelings about that horrible day in Boston. As a mother and grandmother, I can’t begin to imagine the terror you must have felt while waiting to hear from your family. So glad they are all safe and unharmed. Boston, we are all thinking of you and we care.


    • Kathleen, thank you. I wasn’t sure about writing about this horrible day since certainly the media more than covered it but for me it was quite personal and yes, terrifying while waiting. I’m sad that people have to worry about attending what should be happy, enjoyable events.


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