Outside my back porch…

is a jungle.

back yard pics 003

Believe it or not, that could be a beautiful hill with draping vines from the back ledge (hidden by underbrush right now), azela bushes, and flowering perennials. However Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders had an easier time taking San Juan Hill than we’ve had trying to reclaiming this area.  During the week, I try chipping away at the underbrush and weeds.  When the weekend rolls around, using my best Teddy commander’s voice I tell John to “take that hill”.  Alas, our New England weather really hasn’t cooperated.  Where else but New England do you go from turning up the heat and watching hail bounce off the roof in May to melting from 90° humid air the next day, then dropping 30° all within the same week?

You’re getting a view of my back yard because I recently found a great blog based on posts from some of my favorite bloggers – Bams Kitchen, The Bartolini Kitchens, and The Complete Cookbook, who follow Celi on The Kitchens Garden.  Celi offered a challenge to post what you see from your back (or front) door or balcony and I’ve been looking at some very lovely patios. gardens, and vistas.

So although this hill doesn’t look like much more than a bunch of overgrown weeds right now, hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be able to post some progress.  In the meantime though, until the weather cooperates I’ll focus on fauna rather than flora.  I’ve mentioned that we live in the smallest populated town west of Boston, Massachusetts but within an hour of all that the city has to offer.  It’s a farming community with a population of fewer than 3,000 people (probably more cows and horses, but that’s just the human count) so we have plenty of interesting wildlife out here.

My most consistent visitors are the deer who walk along that ledge on the top of the hill then come down to your front yard to trim our shrubs.

coconut chicken' 002

We also have some wild turkeys who wander through, sometimes pecking at people’s front doors.  They’re really strange looking creatures and huge.

turkey 004

Some of my favorite visitors are the fox.  This year we have at least one female with 2 kits although I’m sure there are more.  This one loves to sun but can be hard to spot in the leaves.

the fox 004Of course everyday you’ll find Lola in the back yard.  She’s really great at retrieving the paper but it usually works out best if you get to it before she does.

lola papergirl 006And then we have Moe.  If he’s not catching some zzz’s, he’s annoying Lola.

can sleep anywhere 004

Why he rings the doorbell, I don’t know other than that it drives Lola crazy.

I’m not sure when my next post will be since this computer is on its last legs and the new one coming has the new Windows version.  I’m not sure what Bill Gates has cooked up in this one but I hear from others that there is a “learning curve”.

18 thoughts on “Outside my back porch…

  1. Ah yes.. all the wildlife in our neighborhood. Don’t forget about the turkey that flew into my car and shattered my windshield; not fun. Remember that one? We had the fox family next to the pool tonight. We also have baby woodchucks running around (so cute). I’m thinking the fox were looking for them. And then there is your wildlife in your own home. Paper shredders (who needs Staples) and doorbell ringers. Quite interesting and too too cute. Well.. sometimes, right?


    • Oh I surely do remember the windshield incident! That was so dangerous. I guess at your new house you’ll now have to worry about seagulls instead of turkeys. I had a little woodchuck over here too but he’s so shy I couldn’t get a picture of him. They remind me of little loaves of brown bread.


  2. I absolutely loved the photos you posted!! Gorgeous !! And I loved your tales about the cat and dog! About posting photos of the view from (or in) one’s backyard, at first I was using the same photo for each header, then I started using some photos of my yard as photos – and now I’ve even begun to use photos I had taken are our farm in Quebec or on various vacations. There are two photos I esp. love – the one of our farmhouse in St. Antoine de Tilly, QC in the winter and a one of the Gaspe region of Quebec. Again – I so much enjoyed this post!!


  3. Love this post Diane. I love your garden that backs up to the forest with deer, foxes and wild turkeys. When I was living in Michigan our back yard backed up to miles and miles of forest and it was amazing and also challenging because everyday it was us against them in dealing with the forest creatures in our yard. The deers ate all of my flowers, the rabbits ate all my veggies, the racoons made a huge mess and the skunks, well you know , needed a relocation plan. Thanks so much for the mention. I did not know that you have both a dog and a kitty, always action on the home front and games for you. Wishing you a super week. Take care, BAM


    • Sometimes I guess we just have to plant a little extra for our visitors but it can get discouraging to have things wiped out. You should see what the deer did to the shrubs in the front of my house – I’m not even sure if they’re worth saving.
      Oh yes, I do have a cat but we call him the little terrorist. His purpose in life is to antagonize Lola even though she could take care of him with one bite. Eventually he teases her enough that she’ll chase him but then of course she’s the one who gets yelled at.


  4. Diane you were born to be a writer..please use these beautiful photos and wonderful stories..and write a terrific children’s book……Lola and your cat have so many adorable ( to us) adventures!
    Love reading your blogs..keep it up! x Kathy


    • Kathy you are so kind and thank you for following my blog. I do love writing although if I wrote for children I’d have to watch the language. Sometimes my little animal buddies hear things that aren’t age appropriate…appropriate, just maybe rated for adult audiences.


  5. I bet all the wildlife likes your yard just the way it is. As for Moe, he’s full of mischief for sure. He probably tore the paper up too. Lola wouldn’t have done anything like that.


    • We do have plenty of critters strolling through for sure. As for the guilty shredder, that ‘work’ is specialized – Lola’s in charge of all things paper and cardboard and Moe’s responsible for all furniture – it’s all just too much for only one to handle.


  6. A wonderful post, Diane, and your photos are great. Love that Moe rings the doorbell. Max flirted a bit with paper shredding but soon gave it up for mulch chewing. Though you’ve a lot of work ahead, taming the hill, I bet it will be beautiful when finished. And don’t worry about the wildlife. The deer will still come to visit and snack on your plants, while it will take a lot more than a little clearing to get rid of the skunks. 🙂
    Thanks for the shout-out, Diane. I’m glad you participated.


    • Thanks John. I can’t say I’ve ever run across a mulch chewing dog but then again, they all do seem to find their favorites. I will never forget the morning when Lola when down to the bank of mailboxes where they left a pile of yellow page books. She made 6 trips to bring them all back to our front yard to shred them. No one ever picks those books up so I guess she figured she was doing the neighbors a favor.


  7. Diane, you have the most magnificent and magical view – a view beyond a view! WOW!!! Oh I do love Lola and as for Moe – well as you know I have three kitties and I wish I could train them to do things like ring the bell – ADORABLE!!!! I bet Moe only does it to irritate Lola.
    I cannot get over your brilliant your backyard is.
    Have a beautiful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    • You are so kind Mandy. I did a little work up on the hill today until I saw a snake! Do not like snakes! So until I’m convinced it’s gone I’ll be working out front.
      Now you are very funny – training a cat? I’ve never seen a cat trained to do anything you want them to do other than use a litter box and that’s probably because they think it’s their own idea. No, I think Moe, being a good observer, realized that the doorbell drives Lola nuts. Also probably why he poked his head around the corner – to make sure she wouldn’t run right over him.


    • Thank you, it is very beautiful & peaceful here in the country. I love seeing who will show up in the yard each day. Lately we’ve had the fox with her little ones every day & they’re so much fun to watch. Moe is a character (we call him other things, but character is a nice way of saying it).


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