Festive Chicken Stir Fry

Almost set for Christmas – I think most of the gifts have been bought (no, not wrapped otherwise I won’t remember what’s in them), candles in the windows, and the Christmas tree is up and decorated for now…


Most of the decorations are still on the tree and so far Moe hasn’t been one of them…

xmass tree09 016

But, every day he picks a decoration off to play with while Lola dutifully brings them over to me to show me what Bad Cat’s done. Most make it in one piece but some of Lola’s favorites might get a little mangled first, like this poor guy who lost an ear and an antler – she really liked this one…


And, this being New England, we’ve got snow.  The last storm was the worst since it hit during commuting hours and came down fast.  Of course, because this is New England, it will probably all melt this weekend when the temperatures ‘soar’ possibly into the 50’s:


See the deer tracks?


They’re from our ladies who live in our woods.


Thing is, now that there’s snow on the ground I can see that they’ve been coming up to the dining room window.  Little peepers are kind of creeping me out.

I know chicken stir fry isn’t really a Christmas themed dish, but I thought maybe I’d go for a fast and easy meal with Christmas colors to make it festive.



2/3     Cups soy sauce
1/3     Cup water
1/4     Cup brown sugar
1        TBL cornstarch
1       TBL minced fresh ginger or sprinkling of powdered
1/4    Red pepper flakes
3-4    Chicken breasts, cubed or sliced
Vegetables – your choice but for a Christmas look, I went with reds & greens
– Red bell peppers, thinly sliced
– Broccoli florets
– Snow peas
– Carrots, sliced
– Onions, chunked
– Water chestnuts if you have them
– Rice, about 2 cups

– Combine soy sauce, water, brown sugar, and corn starch in bowl, stirring until smooth
– Add ginger, garlic, and red pepper flakes into this sauce.
– Stir chicken chunks into marinade and refrigerate for about an hour
– Cook rice, then do the chicken stir fry since cooks very fast

– In large pan, heat oil over medium-high heat.  Cook red bell peppers, onions, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and water chestnuts until just done.  Remove and set aside.
– Heat a couple tablespoons more of oil in same pan.  Remove chicken from marinade (hold aside) and fry chicken until just barely cooked.  Return vegetables into the same pan then add marinade.  Bring to a boil while marinade thickens.  Serve over rice.



25 thoughts on “Festive Chicken Stir Fry

  1. Red and green stir fry for the holiday… nice Looks delish, Diane. The tree looks great and I’m sure you’re feeling great about cooking in that beautiful kitchen of yours now. I miss seeing deer and the pretty woods. I hope you and John have a great Christmas. Miss you.


  2. Thanks Judy – miss you guys too. I’ll give you a call but are you down this way before Christmas? I am loving working in the kitchen. The layout is fantastic & I can’t tell you how many steps I save by having this new configuration.
    Aren’t these deer funny though? I doubt that I’ll have any shrubs left by spring time but they usually grow back. I’ve got the deer, but you’ve got the ducks.


  3. That chicken stir fry really does look pretty and Christmasy. And I’ve got to commend Lola. You got Moe to knock your favorite ornaments off the tree for you and got him in trouble for doing it. Way to go!


  4. Your stir fry is very festive indeed! And you have deer peeping in the window? They’re very beautiful, but I can see how that WOULD be a little spooky. Although I do wonder if they feel the same way when we creep up on them with binoculars.. 😉 Have a wonderful Christmas, it’s been a joy getting to know you this year, Diane! xxx


    • It’s that weird feeling you get when you know someone’s staring at you. But since I live out in the country & there are a lot of deer hunters around I think they’d like someone looking at them with binoculars rather than a gun scope. You have a very merry Christmas & I’ve truly enjoyed our chats.


    • I apparently do have peepers Susan. Probably better than what happened to a friend of mine who answered a knock on her front door and came nose to nose with a deer! She’d put an Indian corn decoration on her front door that the deer was eating & of course it sounded like someone knocking. That’s a surprise with your morning coffee.


  5. I think we all love having a festive looking meal that is tasty and quick to prepare…especially at this time of the year. Years ago we had a cat that climbed to the top of our tree, toppling it three different times. Needless to say…not many ornaments survived that year. 🙂


    • Thank you Karen. I guess we can’t really blame the cats, after all we did bring a tree into the house. I’m sure they look at that & say “well, thank you!” I lose ornaments to both the cat & Lola’s tail so put the glass & eggshell ornaments at the top and unbreakable on the bottom half. Having a tree go over is no fun at all. It only happened to me once but not due to a cat. My husband didn’t trim off the bottom branches – just sort of jammed them into the tree stand until it eventually worked it’s way up, out & over. Funny thing is when my daugher was young, she was sitting on the love seat next to it when it toppled and was a little speechless. When I walked in the first thing she said was “I didn’t do it!”


  6. The stir fry looks delicious (the last photo made my stomach growl), and I say it’s perfect for any time of year. That photo of the tree in the snow is unbelievably beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and Merry Christmas!


  7. This sure is one good looking stir-fry, Diane. “Festive” is the best word to describe it. Once you get the ingredients sorted, you can have dinner on the table in minutes. That’s always an important quality for me. In Michigan, the deer pass quite close to Zia’s house. During my last visit, I saw Max sitting transfixed, looking out the window. On the other side of the window, no more than 3 feet away, was a deer staring back at him. Knowing Max, he probably thought that it was the biggest dog he’d ever seen. 🙂


    • John, sometimes you just have to get something on the table fast & stir fry is a good fallback plan when you’ve been busy with other things. Interesting about Max though because these 4 deer come down the ridge at dusk and wander down to the yard. The first time I was worried about Lola chasing after them but she did exactly what Max did & just cocked her head back & forth looking at them in wonder. Since she got such strong herding instincts I was wondering if she was thinking of herding them – but hey, they were all in a nice little group so she must have figured they were fine.


  8. Everything looks so beautiful, including that stir fry! I love feeling like I KNOW Moe and Lola, with the wonderful stories you share. We are crossing our fingers, here, that our tree will make it to Christmas without incident. Two years ago, Bailey brought it down — though we still think it was less about him knocking the tree over and more about him leaning on the stupid child’s safety yard that I put AROUND the tree! Last year, we were convinced we had the world’s thirstiest tree — until we realized that the stand had cracked and was pouring water onto the carpet, under the tree skirt. Ewww. That one had to be lifted out, fully decorated, and the stand replaced. So far so GOOD this year!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!!!


    • How’s that tree holding up so far? You’ve only got one more day. Has Bailey calmed down a little this past year? Lola’s getting old but she still has enough puppy moments & gets all excited with company & presents. Our family room looks a little weird since we decided to try to arrange the furniture so that when she gets her attention the tail doesn’t take out too much of the tree.
      You know I did sort of the same thing with the tree watering. Our stand wasn’t cracked but I didn’t realize that there was a watering hole on the back side that was supposed to be to pour the water in. I kept watering it from the top of the stand putting my finger in to check the level & it never seemed to quite get to the top. that’s because it was all flowing out of the watering hole in the back. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until we took the tree down & saw what the hardwood floor underneath looked like. Since then we’ve put a separate square board down for the tree & I figure we’ll need to refinish the floors when we sell the house anyway.
      You have a wonderful Christmas & a fabulous New Year!


    • The deer are really beautiful & fun to watch. It’s amazing how they come down from the ridge behind our house right onto the lawn. Amazing that our dog just cocks her head back & forth watching them but doesn’t bark or chase them. I could use a little heat around here since I’m not a cold weather fan. Yes, we’ve had some very cold spells & another sprinkling of snow yesterday. Unfortunately, we’re not even into the worst of it – January & February can be brutally cold with the big blizzards. At least in all of the renovations, we added in a generator so when we lose power, we will at least have heat & water.


  9. Deers that hang out at the windows kind of creep me out too. That reminds me of a little story. When we were living in Michigan, I was complaining to my husband on how those darn rabbits were eating all of my flowers. The next day my husband caught a picture of the little rascals and they did not have whiskers and a cotton tail but instead ad 6 point buck, mama deer and babies all feasting on my daffodils. The little rascals… Chinese chicken stirfry seems perfectly Christmasy to me. Heck our neighbors here in Hong Kong have Chinese New Year decoration and a wreath hanging on their front door. LOL Are you loving your new kitchen? Take care, BAM


    • I guess your deer are a lot bigger than mine – LOL. I didn’t know they liked daffodils but I do know they feast on my shrubs during the winter & wipe out my hosta plants in the summer. When we first moved here, my husband (a city slicker) woke me up one morning to tell me to look at the moose on the lawn. Moose? Oh dear, John…that’s a deer. Obviously never saw a moose before or he wouldn’t have mixed them up.
      I am loving my new kitchen & Christmas Eve we really gave it a good test drive with tons of appetizers. If you can believe it, we actually filled the entire island (yes, the landing strip) with food. But it was so great to have everyone with me in the kitchen while I was cooking. You have a happy New Year – Chinese New Year sounds like fun to me.


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