Christmas Trees and Camels

I thought I had Christmas under control and was just starting to wrap presents last Monday when my daughter totally confused me with a phone call saying she and her boyfriend Tim would see me the next night.  “Why?  I thought you guys were coming over Christmas Eve.”  Funny thing… Tuesday night was Christmas Eve, and Christmas was Wednesday – not Friday as I’d been thinking.  Whoa…better crank things up a notch.

Niki, Diane & Tim on TUESDAY - Christmas Eve

Niki, Diane & Tim on TUESDAY – Christmas Eve

And in my haste, I completely forgot to tell you about our Christmas tree in my last post.  We’ve been buying Christmas trees every year from a young man in town who started his tree business when he was in high school.  Yes, he was a teenager when he negotiated leasing a farm field along Rt. 62 which runs through our little town in Massachusetts.  He drove to Maine to buy his trees and now, in his 8th year of business is going strong.  I’m sure his parents are incredibly proud of Ryan’s entrepreneurial skills but I wish I had been there when he came home with a camel.

Ryan loves animals and has a barn full of them but he had the idea that a camel would be a great addition to the Christmas tree business – so he bought a camel.

Now, when I was a kid I used to bring all kinds of animals home – dogs, cats, birds with broken wings and once a baby skunk.  But I never brought home a camel and I think my parents would have drawn the line there.  I give a lot of credit to his parents, Ann and Rob who took it in stride and added Joshua, the camel  to the menagerie.  Joshua has become a legend in town and, now out of town as a local television program picked up the story of Joshua and Ryan’s now expanding business of grass fed meats under his own label.

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas on Wednesday and wish you all a very joyous New Year.

20 thoughts on “Christmas Trees and Camels

  1. It is a good thing that Niki called you or you would have missed Christmas. Enjoyed the Chronicle video about the camel…I must have missed the show that night. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.


    • I would have really been in a pickle if they just showed up as planned & I didn’t have any food ready. Lucky I have my husband who went out on an emergency Marketbasket run to get all kinds of great grazing food. Believe it or not, we filled the entire island with food. As for Joshua, if you’re ever driving down 495 after Thanksgiving, just swing off 495 south for about 1 mile & see him in person…wait not exactly in person – in camel? Happy New year to you too Karen.


    • He’s quite the entrepreneur isn’t he. But really, what you say if one of your girls brought home a camel? Frankly I would have loved to have one in the neighborhood – provided you kept it at your house & I could just visit. they say the llamas and alpacas keep the coyote away so I imagine a camel would probably scare them right out of town too.
      We did have a wonderful Christmas once I figured out what day it was. How did yours go in the new home?


  2. I enjoyed your story…Happy you got ready in time! My husband and I work great in times like those…we call it our “crisis mode”. We seem to always get whatever it is done in the nick of time! Teamwork! Happy New Years to you and family. 😀


    • It is funny how you get this burst of adrenaline & kick into gear when you have to. I’m lucky that my husband acts as the runner for me – he only made 3 trips to the supermarket although I did send him with a list. I just need him to look at the list once he’s in the store. Have a Happy New Year.


  3. What a great story! That gifted young man was lucky to have such supportive parents. A mid-week holiday always leads to confusion for me, too. It won’t be until the 1st full week after New Year’s that things will seem “right” again.
    I hope you and your family have a most wonderful New Year, Diane.


    • I love to see young people with initiative to take an idea & do what they enjoy doing. To be so young and focused is terrific.
      You’re right about these mid-week holidays! At least once I get Christmas sorted out, I can kind of stay on track through New Year’s. May 2014 be a wonderful year for you John.


    • Yes, my mother surely put up with a lot of critters that I dragged home but I don’t think a camel would have been allowed to stay. Geez, she wouldn’t even let me get a pony! Did you get to keep your rabbit? They are adorable & when we were living in an apartment while building this house, my mother was mowing her lawn when a bunch of rabbits started popping out of a hole. She caught one & brought it over to my daughter who was 4 yrs. Seriously, the bunny was cute but we were in this temporary apartment & the bunny started chewing on everything.


      • Well, my bunny was with us for 3 entire days because it just didn’t sleep! Don’t even know how is that possible. Anyway, as we didn’t sleep either because of the bunny, we ended up returning it to the animal shop where I got it from… No pets since then 😀


      • Oh yes, you always think of bunnies as being so quiet but once you realize how good they are at chewing things you realize they’re not such a low maintenance pet. I called one of the local animal experts who said that bunnies are very good at handling themselves & suggested we release ours back where we found him. Right back to my mother’s house with that guy. Funny thing is, my mother would have been complaining when I was a kid if I’d wanted to keep one. When you’re a grandmother though you get selective memory.


  4. I had a similar experience with Ma & Pa this year – they put presents in bags for their grandchildren and cards – in those they wrote see you next week when we’ll give you your presents – I explained to the children this wasa grandparent oversight rather than double luck


    • I was debating whether or not to celebrate again Friday but I just didn’t have it in me. Getting old is not for the timid you know & once you’re retired (I’m guessing your folks are like me) it just doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. Happy New Year – since you’ll get to 2014 before me let me know how the new year’s shaping up.


  5. Happy New Year! That video was fun to watch- I worked for DEC and Polaroid (years ago…!) and have been to Maynard, Concord, and the surrounding area. So pretty!! Lola looks great with her “ears” on for the long did THAT last before she ate them?!? LOL!


    • Oh my goodness – I used to work for DEC in Maynard & then Marlboro. That’s where I met my husband. He stayed on for years until they started closing down and is about to retire from EMC.
      Lola’s little headband didn’t stay on which is why my daughter was hanging on to Lola. I had to grab them before the serious chewing started – headbands aren’t that great for the big girl’s digestive system although much worse has gone down the hatch.


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