Bacon Mac & Cheese and Diane’s New Parts

I know you wouldn’t think bacon mac & cheese has anything to do with new parts but I’m finally going in tomorrow for a total hip replacement and needed some comfort food. What better comfort food than Mac & Cheese and of course when you add bacon, well everything is just better with bacon.

I’ve been a little scattered with my blog posts because it’s been hard to sit for long…or walk…or drive. Although it’s been a long process, I’m looking forward to getting rid of these broken down old bones and getting a factory authorized (no used or after market parts for me thank you) titanium hip. I’m thinking I may very well do a food blog on the hospital food – what do you think? I know the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston is world renown for it’s surgeons and technology. I’m not so sure how their cafeteria is although I’ve upgraded to a special wing with a private room which offers high tea and catered meals any time of day. In any case I will be bringing my IPad along and look forward to keeping up with your posts. Just keep in mind that if I comment, please be understanding since I’m sure I’ll be on the Koo-Koo juice 🙂

Oh, and I’ve checked with my surgeon.  He guarantees that I will be able to do this after a brief recovery and some physical therapy.

(I have no idea why links aren’t enabled right now on my account, and you’ll probably get a message that you can’t view this except on youtube, so just click that second link to see what I’ll be working on.)

To calm my nerves and leave my husband with a good batch of leftovers I made up my version of Mac & Cheese that is extra gooey on the cheese and of course enhanced by bacon.


1/2 to 1 lb.   Cooked Bacon (I bake mine for about 20 minutes in the oven at 400°)
1 1/2 Cups  Shredded Parmesan cheese
8 oz.            Fresh Mozzarella, shredded (yes, it makes a terrible mess)
2                 Eggs
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 pkg          Mini pasta shells

Drain the cooked pasta shells then dump into a large bowl.
Mix in eggs, bacon, and cheeses, then sprinkle with pepper & salt to taste.

Put everything into a baking dish and cooking at 350° for about 1/2 hour until all the cheeses just ooze together into a delish concoction.

Another variation of this that I didn’t make this time (because frankly, I just forgot) is to sauté slices carrots in some white wine until just a little tender and add to the mixture.


22 thoughts on “Bacon Mac & Cheese and Diane’s New Parts

  1. Sorry to hear about your hip. But glad you are getting it fixed! Here’s to uneventful surgery and a quick recovery!

    Yum. The macaroni sounds marvelous! Bacon makes everything better. I have never made macaroni and cheese with eggs, but I’ve seen plenty of recipes with them. Do they make a sauce with the cheeses as the casserole bakes?


    • Thank you Sarah & yes, I will be so glad to have this hip replaced with one that works.
      I don’t make any separate sauce with the mac & cheese, just mix everything – eggs, cheeses, bacon into a bowl & mix it all up with my hands. Then it all just gets tossed into a baking dish.


  2. We’ll be thinking of you Diane – look forward to hearing that the operation went brilliantly AND to the youTube video of you busting out your new moves.. 🙂 I hope they look after you well in hospital – a wing where they have high tea and catered meals on call? Sound like a hotel. 🙂 Do take care, dearheart. xxx


    • Thank you so much Celia. You know I’ll be watching your blog to see what you’re up to, but don’t go recommending more things to buy because you know they tell you not to make purchases while you’re ‘under the influence’. I’m very confident in my surgeon and yes, this wing is more like a comfortable hotel. I’ve had so many surgeries and can tell you that having a roommate when you’re trying to rest and recover is not fun.
      I think I’ll try the Beyonce’s moves in flats before high heels though.


  3. Hi Diane. All the very best for the operation. I will be thinking of you over the next couple of weeks. Keep in touch when you can. I love to hear from you.


  4. Your blog posts always make me drool. But my person says she’s sure you’ll be dancing like that soon – spiky heels and all. Praying for you that your surgery and recovery go well.


  5. Sending healing energy and happy thoughts for your op Diane. I know you will up and running and doing your Beyonce moves in no time. The hospital sounds like a luxury hotel.
    Your bacon mac and cheese would be a hit in our home. Scrumptious!
    🙂 Mandy xo


  6. What a great recipe – I can – BIG TIME – see me whipping this together for Little Ol’ Me!! In fact, I’m going to put the ingredients on my shopping list for today. Wishing you all the best regarding your New Parts – you’re going to be sooo much more comfortable soon after it’s done!!


  7. Sending healing wishes for a speedy recovery! I can definitely understand the need for comfort food with something like this looming! My dad recently had both knees replaced, and he needed lots of cookies 🙂 Now he is climbing stairs again like a champ. Your dance moves are right around the corner!


  8. Beyonce will have nothing on you and your new hip. If you like it then you should a put a hip on it! Can’t wait to see and hear about the catered hospital meals from a totally drug induced point of view…..very 1980s… wishes for a fast recovery!


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