Gluten Free Chicken Piccata

Time to catch up… We had a great time hosting the engagement party.  We were certainly glad to have rented the canopy because it was cold and rainy although lucky for us, the rain held off until the food was served.  The amazing thing is that we actually were able to stand under the canopy – if it had been up to my husband we would have been standing on top of it.  If you ever need anything assembled, my husband is not the first guy you’d call for help.  After the rental company dropped it off along with 50 tables and chairs, my husband went out to set it up with Tim.  Not that he gives up easily, but seriously…14 minutes after being out there he was back inside fuming, telling me to call the company to send someone out to set it up.  I had to tell him that they don’t do that and sent him back out with the warning that he’d better not come back inside in under an hour.  As it was getting dark I started to worry until I heard our neighbor out there and figured we finally had a fighting chance on getting the canopy up.  Our neighbor is not only a super nice and handy guy but he’d already dealt with the same canopy for a party he’d had a few weeks earlier.  So thank you Jim for getting that canopy up and helping John save face by explaining that the equipment was all rusted and bent.

We had plenty of food some made ahead, some provided by Tim’s mother, and delicious appetizers friends brought.  The only thing that I had to do at the last minute was to make the chicken piccata – why I made so much I’m not sure but by the time I sliced and pounded the chicken breasts, I ended up with about 50 cutlets.  At least I had great help from Tim’s mother and we sort of got a rhythm going with me dusting the cutlets and Kath sautéing like crazy.   I had a number of guests who have severe gluten intolerance and decided to make this a gluten free dish that everyone could enjoy although I was a little leery of how the almond flour would work out.  Frankly, it turned out great and I’d definitely make it again because the almond flour actually seemed to make it a little lighter yet the flavor was marvelous.  I especially liked this recipe because it made plenty of extra gravy and who doesn’t like a little extra gravy on top?

chicken piccata2


4-6           Chicken breasts, pounded to thin slices
1/2 Cup   Almond flour
5 TBL     Olive oil, or enough to coat bottom of pan
1/4 Cup  Lemon juice
1 Cup     Chicken stock – I found gluten free chicken broth made by Swanson
Capers for topping

–  Coat chicken breasts in almond flour then sauté in hot olive oil until lightly browned
–  Remove chicken and keep warm while making sauce:
– Add lemon juice and chicken stock to pan, loosening chicken bits, reducing sauce
– When sauce has thickened, add chicken and capers

And that’s all there is to it…unless you’re doing 50 of them in which case bring a stool over to the stove.




25 thoughts on “Gluten Free Chicken Piccata

    • I’d never used it before either but when I was researching gluten free ideas I found a few recipes that used it. I did do a test run on the family before making it up for the party because the photos I saw made the chicken look like a dried out piece of cardboard. I didn’t use a heavy coating of it and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t dried out at all.


    • Geez Bongo, I had a plenty of all kinds of leftovers! I Maas just wondering what you’ve been up to and have to get back over to your blog because I must have been dropped again. I don’t know why that keeps happening.


  1. I’ve never used almond flour…is it so fine that it doesn’t have an almond taste? BTW, I’ve never heard of a rental company that doesn’t put up a canopy, that’s terrible.


    • I’d never used it either and although its very fine, it seems heavier than all purpose flour, yet wasn’t at all heavy on the chicken breast. It just seems more dense yet still powdery if that makes sense. I didn’t notice any almond taste but I just used a fine dusting and the ratio of broth to lemon in the sauce makes for a very zingy sauce. You know since I rented the canopy I’ve had other people tell me they’ve never heard of a company not setting up for you but I hadn’t really thought of that and didn’t ask. I figured well, how hard could it be? It’s just some poles and rope right? Very wrong…there’s these tightening cables and wheel things. I imagine if they did set it up themselves they’d be retiring some of this old rusted, bent equipment. Live and learn.


      • I’m sure they would have very good equipment if they were putting it up. Normally a company comes in, puts it up and comes back the day after the event and take it down. They are also covered by insurance in case something came down accidentally. Thanks for all the info on the almond flour…I’ve never used it because I don’t know anyone that needs to be gluten free but you never know. 🙂


      • I was just thinking of using it in some other recipes but then remembered I’ve got friends with nut allergies! Do you ever feel like just putting a head of lettuce on the table? !!!!


    • I never used to worry about gluten either but it seems that now I’ve got so many friends and relatives who are sensitive that I have to consider it. I think some people have just jumped on the bandwagon thinking that gluten’s bad but a friend and my niece have celiac which I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. It’s getting easier but it’s still a tough one to cook for. I had b
      Even using all purpose flour on chicken piccata but I was very surprised at how well the almond flour worked – not at all heavy.


  2. Great idea using almond flour to eliminate gluten. I may try it myself, just too see what added flavor it brings to the dish. Amazing how we must take dietary issues into account today when most of these were not even considered 20 years ago. I doubt if anyone besides bakers — and pasta makers 🙂 — even knew what gluten was.


    • Do give it a try John although I didn’t notice a major difference in taste. I thought the almond flour was a little lighter on the chicken cutlets than the all purpose flour that I had been using. It’s a strange texture though so I only lightly coated the chicken.
      It’s scary how many people are sensitive or allergic to gluten. I have no scientific background or reasonable explanation but it does seem odd to me that there are so many people with this sensitivity and so many of our crops are GMO. I just don’t like the idea that if I’m eating corn or wheat (or whatever) that it has been modified with an entirely different organism and don’t know what that other organism is. I just remember reading a scientists comment on corn – “I’m not sure what this is (referring to GMO corn) but I just can’t call it corn any more”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree, Diane, and what bothers me most is that nothing is labeled. They claim it would be too expensive. Really? How expensive is it to put “GMO” on a label? They’re afraid — and rightly so — that consumers won’t buy the stuff. I know I won’t.


      • I think non-GMO should go on the offensive & clearly label NON-GMO… I would but it & hopefully it might put the pressure on the GMO/Monsanto to at least be upfront. If it’s not a problem as they claim then you would think they’d not be afraid to label it as such. I did read a comment from a Monsanto executive who mentioned the expense but also that they felt that people would NOT buy it & that would be a shame since he claimed there was no problem with it. Well….then label it.

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  3. Delicious little dish Diane. I am always on the look out for different gluten free recipes and this one looks like a winner. Oh my goodness the trials and tribulations of the shower and the rental company. I think I would be opening up the “refreshments” a little earlier on this day….


    • I’ve been experimenting with it a bit & found that just a light coating is best with the almond flour. As for the refreshments…well, let’s just say the bubbly was popped maybe a little early – you know to let it breath.


    • I am so lucky to have such great neighbors! You know I wanted to/meant to take pictures but frankly I just never got the chance. It seemed as if I was either running back and forth to the house or talking and then before you know it, the party was over. I should have gotten a shot of the guys cursing the canopy but it was pretty dark out there at that point. I guess this is why you hire a professional photographer for the wedding though.


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