Recipe Reviews – My thank you to those who share

I know how wonderful it is to get great, positive, or just fun comments when you post a recipe that you’ve created or enjoy.  I realize many times I’ve said “this look great, can’t wait to try it” (it might take me a while but I really do mean it when I say it) and I really do try to get back to the person’s comments to let them know how it turned out.  But then I think the comment might get lost within all the other comments and other readers might not pick up on the feedback.  This is my thank you to all those who’ve taken the time to post so that we all might enjoy their creativity and of course to let you know how a cooking challenged person does with some of these great ideas. (and yes, I will definitely critique the zucchini, goat cheese, salmon but just have to save that for last).

First up, I made DomesticDiva’s beer can roast chicken yesterday and it was succulent!  I did have to go back to ask her the purpose of stuffing a beer can up the chicken’s butt (moisture from the 1/2 beer in the can creates moisture from within & it does) to explain to my husband about the beer can.  I just made up this idea that the reflection of the beer can helps cook it from within but that’s because I just make stuff up all the time.  I don’t drink beer & didn’t want to waste the 1/2 can of beer so I used it to baste the chicken as it cooked.

Justa’s glazed salmon with broccoli over rice was wonderful.  I love salmon and this glaze was exactly what I was looking for.  The mustard with the maple syrup gave the salmon just the right sweetness with a zing.

And a couple of Susan’s recipes are worthy of praise.  She is really giving me some good stuff to sneak some vegetables past John’s lips and the spinach-cheese bake was both easy and delicious.  I really was shocked by John’s reaction on this one since I thought he’d say “good but could you leave out the spinach next time”.  It also makes up plenty for leftover lunch snacks.

And finally, the recipe I’ve been tormenting Susan for… zucchini pancakes with goat cheese & smoked salmon – from Inner Ina.  This one deserves a little more comment on my part.  First I did add the red onion (I like onion & thought it added a nice flavor) and I also used Susan’s suggestion of putting in a dash of nutmeg.  But there are a couple of things that I would suggest in the directions.

First:  the part where it says “preheat oven to 300°.  I would add:
**BEFORE preheating oven to 300° look inside oven to see if you have stashed a tray of breadcrumbs to dry.  Do not forget that you have preheated oven until you are ready to start pancakes.

Next I would suggest a little more emphasis on:  “When the butter is hot but not smoking, lower the heat to medium-low“.  I would perhaps put this in red and add the following warning:  “Once you have started melting the butter, do not walk away to chat with your daughter on the phone while playing a couple games of solitaire.  If you chose to ignore this warning, then open the windows, grab a large bath towel & start waving it around under the smoke alarms to clear them. Spray judicious amounts of air freshener before your husband gets home & says “what the hell stinks!”.  But truly, I know some people might not be fans of goat cheese or smoked salmon, however I am and this was really an outstanding recipe that I will definitely make again.  Even John agreed that he would definitely like to see them repeated even after I told him the ‘green stuff’ was zucchini.  I found that the recipe would be perfect for 2 people, neither of us could quite finish the 3rd pancake we each had.

My thanks to all of you who take the time and effort to share your cooking experiences with us and to let you know that people really do read and appreciate your blogs.  On the agenda for this week is something I’ve never made from scratch:  Danny’s Mac & Cheese.  Just a note – I plan to add lots & lots of bacon to this, just because.