Bourbon Pork Chops – excellent!

Not being a bourbon drinker I didn’t have any on hand & didn’t really know what to ask for.  There’s a wonderful little package store in Marlboro with a very helpful owner.  When I ran in and asked for 1 cup of bourbon he took it all in stride & didn’t even reach for the baseball bat that I’m sure he keeps under the counter for “those” kind of customers.  He even looked up the conversion of 200 ML on the computer to come up with what looks like a pint bottle and suggested Jim Beam.  As I said, I don’t know bourbon, so if you have a preference feel free to substitute but the Jim Beam was a great choice.

I made these Monday for dinner & woke up Tuesday morning still dreaming about the buttery, brown sugar, cinnamon & apple sauce.  I even wondered how the leftovers would be for breakfast.  The actual prep time on this isn’t very long because the chops just sit in the marinade all afternoon until you’re ready to start dinner & then after browning go back in the oven to finish cooking.  Will definitely be making this again soon.

1          Cup bourbon (a 1/2 pint of Jim Beam works just fine)
¾         Cup cider
2          TBL light brown sugar
1          Tsp ground cinnamon
Pinch    Nutmeg
Couple shakes of Tabasco sauce
2-4       Pork chops boneless, thick cut (1 ½-2” thick)
Olive oil to coat skillet
2-3      Apples-I used Braeburns, peeled & cored in 1” slices
2         TBL butter

In medium bowl, combine bourbon, cider, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a couple dashes of Tabasco sauce (if you like spicy, you can add more to taste).  Combine until the sugar dissolves, then add pork chops & marinate for at least a few hours.

When you’re ready to start cooking, heat oil in heavy skillet at med-high for a few minutes.  Remove chops from marinade (save for the sauce), pat dry, then brown on each side & on the ends.  Don’t bother to clean the skillet since you’ll be using that in the last step.  Place chops in a baking pan & cover with about ½ of the liquid.

Cover with foil & bake at 375° until cooked through – about 30-40 minutes, depending on thickness.  Take a break while the chops are baking.

In the skillet you used for browning pork chops, add the remaining ½ of the bourbon marinade, plus the marinade & juices from the baked pork chops pan.  Increase heat to med high, scraping the bottom of pan to loosen any stuck bits of pork.  Add butter, stirring until melted allowing the liquid to reduce and thicken.  Add sliced chunks of apple until just cooked –don’t let them get mushy.  Place pork chops on serving platter, pouring sauce and apples on top.  And yes, any leftovers are still great microwaved for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Bourbon Pork Chops – excellent!

  1. Mmmm these sound wonderful … I had to see your recipe. I don’t drink bourbon either so I have an abundance left from my bourbon chicken. I think I’ll be trying your recipe! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment – it is much appreciated.


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