Mango Chicken with Mascarpone Sauce

Sometimes I read someone’s blog and find a recipe that looks just too perfect to mess with, like this Creamy Kabocha Truffle Pasta that Bam recently posted.  Or how about Happiness Stan’s Shrimp-entouffee which looks fantastic as is but I can’t help but think…what if I added mussels to that… and then made up some of Celia’s Dakos to dunk in the sauce?  Then there are times when you’re not sure where you’re going with an idea and start scrolling through other blogs as I did one evening only to find Adam Holland online.  All I had for an idea was ‘something with sausages…and it should have a sauce’.  Since Adam was online at the time we went back and forth with ideas about adding a marinara sauce and caramalized onions – viola!  a great meal was born.

Some times it takes a team effort and someone to bounce ideas off of when you hit that road block of “what am I going to make tonight”.  This happened when my daughter called me from the market.  “I’ve got chicken and and a mango, but I really want a sauce – what do you think?”  Mango, mango…”Okay, what do you think of mascarpone cheese?”  Bingo!  A new and very easy recipe was born.  After giving it a try that night, Niki had to call me to tell me what a winner it was.  Now we both make this one on a regular basis.IMG_1593Easy?  You betcha:
– Thinly slice about 3-4 shallots.  Cook in a large saucepan with a half stick of butter
– After pounding chicken  breasts, sauté until almost done
– Add 8 oz. of mascarpone cheese, stirring with pan drippings and butter until creamy
– Add sliced mango for just a few minutes.  Mango should be ripe but not mushy to get the best flavor, over-ripe or overcooking the mango gives it sort of a bitter taste.
– Sprinkle a little cilantro on top for a nice fresh taste

And there you have it – a simple meal that takes less than a half hour to prepare and cook.  If you don’t count the butter (I never do), I’m pretty sure it’s even healthy.  As a matter of fact this is hitting the table tonight – thank you Niki.  And thanks to all of you, my blogging friends for inspiring me as well as holding my hand when I lack the confidence to try something on my own.  Does anyone else get inspired to try something different – a new ingredient, a new cooking technique from blogs you follow?


21 thoughts on “Mango Chicken with Mascarpone Sauce

  1. Deliciously easy recipe. Guess what I am making this tonight! I have everything I need but will just have to for dietary reason skip the cheese but delicious all the same with the caramelised onions and the sweetness from the mango. Thanks so much for the kind mention. Sharing!


    • Let’s see…would it involve a mango? Sometimes I don’t know how you manage having to stay away from certain foods, but then again I’ve been there & realize that hard as it can be, it’s not worth giving in to temptations. I’m picturing my daughter’s face if she were told she couldn’t have cheese.
      And you certainly have so many dishes very much worth mentioning!

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      • Thank you my friend. I’ve been a bit busy with a new passion, a little something called VRAI Magazine (, so I haven’t stopped blogging — things have just gotten bigger and a little more crazy but in a wonderful way. Yes, we’ll hold on to Spring. In the meantime, be well 🙂


    • You know until my daughter mentioned it, I’d never thought of the two together but they each set off the flavors in one another. I’m really getting on a kick though with the mascarpone cheese, using it for sauces.


    • I’ve found that I’m much braver and more willing to try new things in the kitchen since starting this blog and seeing what everyone else around the world is doing. I was always so afraid to play with any recipe & would follow it religiously. You had an excellent post a while back where you talked about how you write about & use recipes. Just thought I’d let you know that it’s not only food ideas that are inspiring but sometimes reading about cooking in general can inspire people (like me) to go outside comfort zones.
      I wasn’t kidding when my daughter called me back after making this dish – she was so thrilled with how it came out that she couldn’t wait to tell me. The combination of chicken, shallots, mango, and then the mascarpone just really all works together.


    • It was extremely yummy and of course there was chicken for Lola! The mango, not a hit with her, but of course the chicken always is. And you are so correct about turning my back on food although it doesn’t matter if I’ve given her some or not. As far as Lola’s concerned, there’s always room for more.

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