Sliced-Baked, Garlic Potatoes

Rather than just bake a potato when you’re cooking a roast – or the Bourbon Pork Chops – this is a fun variation of your basic baked spud.

I love Yukon Gold potatoes, but any baking potato will do.  Peel, the top & sides, leaving the skin on the bottom.  With a very sharp knife, carefully make slices about an 1/8″ wide, along the top to about 3/4’s of the way down toward the bottom of the potato.  If you slice all the way through, no problem, just smoosh it together when you’re done.  Coat the skin on the bottom with olive oil & place in foil inside a baking pan.

Mince 2 large cloves of garlic & melt with 3-4 tablespoons of butter in the microwave.  Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil & let sit for a few minutes to infuse the garlic flavor then brush the garlic butter along the top of the potato and down into the slices with a pastry brush.  It’s hard to give a time for baking a potato since size & oven temp varies so much, but you can just wrap the foil up around the potato and bake alongside whatever else you have in the oven.  To speed up the cooking time, you can partially pre-cook a bit in the microwave for about 3 minutes,  but place it in the oven to finish so that it gets a golden brown.  I haven’t had much luck just microwaving these since they end up pale & greasy.

Now, here’s the great thing about these.  Let’s say you’re on the computer, writing a new blog & you smell something burning.  Then you realize that you have dinner cooking…  If you can grab these out of the oven before they turned to charcoal, you can still serve them with the meal and tell everyone that you made garlic potato chips – just snap them off slice by slice!  I think my husband believed me.